‘Big Brother 22’: A Wall Yeller Revealed a Houseguest’s Lie, Someone Apologizes

Fans have been complaining about Big Brother 22 for some time now. Their frustrations have led to fans trying to give the cast messages by yelling over the wall of the house and even flying banners. The latest wall yeller actually revealed a big lie. [Warning spoilers from Sept. 24 live feeds!]

‘Big Brother 22’ there was a plan to flip a vote

Julie Chen on 'Big Brother'
Julie Chen on ‘Big Brother’ | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Da’Vonne Rogers, Kevin Campbell, and David Alexander have been the outsiders of the main alliance for some time now. When Ian Terry was put on the block with Tyler Crispen, they came up with a plan.

They wanted to flip the vote to have a tie. That way, Dani Briones would have to decide between the two houseguests and get more blood on her hands.

The problem was they also included Nicole Franzel into this plan. Nicole was working with Ian, but she knew the rest of her main alliance wanted to vote him out. She also happens to be very close to Dani.

Nicole told Dani about this plan and still voted out Ian. The vote came down to 5-3 and Ian was evicted. Nicole lied and said she voted to keep Ian to blame it on David.

David Alexander and Da’Vonne Rogers had a falling out

Their plan went without a hitch. Da’Vonne, who was already suspicious of David, quickly began to question him.

She asked him repeatedly how he voted. He said he voted as planned. She still made him drop a name, then he said he voted for Tyler to be evicted. She still didn’t believe him.

Memphis Garrett was seen on the Sept. 23 episode telling Kevin and Da’Vonne there were pawns. He wanted to backdoor David. But Tyler won Power of Veto and decided to keep the nominations the same.

Sadly, it looks like David and Da’Vonne’s falling out helped David’s game. Tyler noticed Kevin and Da’Vonne didn’t pick him to play for the veto and he could be a number added to his side. Memphis was convinced so it looks like David is safe.

Someone yelled that Nicole flipped the vote


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The feeds were down for many hours. But once they came back, fans were able to find out a few things that happened.

Enzo Palumbo and David were seen talking in the morning of Sept. 24. David is talking about Da’Vonne turning against him.

“You’re getting tricked by Nicole and Dani. I’m like ‘Yo! Come on,” he said. “Why you fallin’ for that?” He then added, “You think that I’m working against you the entire season, my god.”

Enzo kept saying it was “too much.” David then said, “It took somebody to yell outside for them to be like ‘I’m sorry.'” The feeds then cut.

It’s unclear how much of this we’ll see on the future episodes. But at least Da’Vonne has learned the truth.