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As the competition on Big Brother: All-Stars heat up, emotions from fans rise as well. After fan favorite Janelle Pierzina was evicted from the house, her game partner Kaysar Rhida is the next target and has been put on the block. In a move to try and save the latter’s game, a fan yelled over the wall to warn the housemates about the people running the house.

'Big Brother' Season 22 cast
‘Big Brother’ Season 22 cast | CBS via Getty Images

What did the fan say?

Fans of the reality series have been upset at how a certain sector of the house has been controlling the nominations and evictions from the start. The targets have been laid out and it has been the same week after week with no surprises or real twists.

However, it all exploded when fan-favorites Kaysar and Janelle were targeted unleashing chaos on social media. This has led some people to try and warn the house of the real threats inside.

One particular viewer took it to the next level and got a bullhorn to yell over the house.

“Nicole and Cody are playing everyone,” is heard on the Big Brother live feeds.

Christmas, Memphis, and Kaysar were in the backyard when the incident occurred. If the microphones caught it clearly, fans were assured that the housemates heard it too.

The fan had tweeted out earlier in the day their intention to yell over the wall and Big Brother winner Evel Dick suggested to mention Nicole and Cody’s names.

Feeds go down and fans react

After the fan yelled, the feeds quickly went down and the house was placed on lockdown. The contestants had to go inside the house just in case the yelling continued. As the housemates are sequestered in the Big Brother house, they cannot receive outside information that can help their game.

As the live feeds were down for hours, fans took to social media to talk about what they had just witnessed. Although there were some viewers that did not like the interference, many supported the fan trying to change the course of the game.

“Bro, I’ll buy a microphone and yell even more sh*t,” a fan tweeted. “CBS deserves this flack. This season is horrible.”

“They should’ve yelled ‘Dani and Enzo were the rogue votes,'” a viewer suggested.

This last fan was referring to the votes that Dani and Enzo cast to “save” Janelle. Their plan was to pit those votes on other contestants to cast doubt about their loyalty.


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“Whoever that person is, they are playing more game than David and deserves a spot on All-Stars,” another fan noted.

David is a contestant from last season that didn’t make it through one night inside the Big Brother house. CBS asked him back for season 22, which turned out to be an All-Stars season. However, it is essentially his first season on the show as he lacks experience playing the actual game.

Fans yelling is becoming a trend

The incident occurred exactly one week after another fan yelled over the wall something against Nicole Franzel. All the houseguests were ordered to go back inside the house and the live feeds went down for hours as things calmed down.

Big Brother 22 All-Stars airs Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.