‘Big Brother 22’ Cast Will Be Interviewed on Live Feeds Prior to Moving in

Even though CBS stated they were optimistic about Big Brother returning for its 20th anniversary, many doubted it would happen as the COVID-19 pandemic continued to spread. Additionally, the competition reality series occurs on a Los Angeles-based set; a city hit especially hard by the novelty virus. Nonetheless, CBS announced they would return, albeit a few weeks later than usual, with a highly anticipated all-star season.

For the first time since the first All-Stars almost 15 years ago, the upcoming season will feature all returning players. CBS has already revealed the two-hour start date and its plans to keep cast and crew safe but haven’t confirmed the cast yet. While it’s unclear when the network will announce the returning competitors, fans can watch their interviews on the Live Feeds a week before the premiere.

Host Julie Chen on 'Big Brother' two-night premiere event
Host Julie Chen on ‘Big Brother’ two-night premiere event | Sonja Flemming

‘Big Brother 22’ confirmed as All-Stars season

After much speculation, CBS released a promotional video confirming the upcoming season would feature only veteran houseguests. Host Julie Chen Moonves followed suit and broadcasted the new logo and official start date to her social media accounts.

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According to the press release, BB22 will have a two-hour premiere that includes a live move-in for the second time in the show’s history after CBS All Access exclusive Big Brother: Over the Top.

How ‘Big Brother 22’ will operate amid the pandemic

As one of the first Los Angeles-based reality series ramping up production, CBS has promised it is following the proper protocols to keep the houseguests and crew safe.

A day before the network announced the BB22 premiere date, TMZ revealed several potential houseguests that arrived in LA for COVID-19 testing and began their two-week quarantine period.

CBS also noted they would continue to receive weekly tests after moving in the house and stated everything delivered to the houseguests would be disinfected.

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The crew will not have any contact with the cast, undergo daily screenings for coronavirus-related symptoms, and must wear personal protective equipment while on set.

Additionally, the network will have a COVID-19 compliance officer on-site to monitor and enforce the proper health and safety protocols. Similar to BBOTT, the upcoming season will not have a studio audience.

Meet ‘Big Brother 22’ houseguests early on Live Feeds

While CBS has announced the premiere date and stated how they would protect the houseguests, they have yet to reveal the highly anticipated cast. Many believe the network has not dropped the cast list because they are waiting until everyone is medically cleared.

If one of the potential houseguests were to test positive, CBS has alternates on standby. In the press release, the network teased the upcoming cast includes “winners, finalists, legends, memorable personalities, and some of the best to never win the game.”

Big Brother 22 Live Feeds Screenshot
via CBSAllAccess.com

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They also noted viewers could watch interviews with the veteran houseguests on the Live Feeds on Jul. 29 at noon EST, a week before the premiere date. It’s unclear if CBS plans on announcing the cast when the interviews happen or anytime before.

Big Brother 22 starts Wednesday, Aug. 5, at 9 p.m. EST and will air on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.