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Many curses have plagued the U.S. franchise of Big Brother for the past 22 seasons, including the Otev curse, meaning no houseguest to win the staple Power of Veto competition has gone on to win that season. Christmas Abbott’s eviction in Week 11 keeps another curse alive.

Houseguest Christmas Abbott to compete on 'Big Brother 20'
Houseguest Christmas Abbott to compete on ‘Big Brother 20’ | Sonja Flemming

First to enter curse in ‘Big Brother’

One of the several curses or unfortunate patterns in Big Brother includes the first to enter hex in which no contestant, in U.S. or Canada history, who walked into the house through the front door first has become the winner of that season.

Several houseguests are fans of the show and are aware of the curse. Many have tried to avoid it, namely Ross Matthews (Celebrity Big Brother 1), who held the door open so others would enter before him. Additionally, BB20’s favorite houseguest Tyler Crispen purposefully waited for the rest of his group to walk into the house first.

Season 2’s Nicole Schaffrich and GinaMarie Zimmerman (BB15) came the closest to breaking the curse as both finished runner-up in their respective seasons. Additionally, Rachel Reilly entered the house first in season 12 and ended up placing 9th.

She returned for BB13 and won. Tamar Braxton is the only exception as she walked into the house first and won spinoff Celebrity Big Brother 2.

Christmas Abbott keeps the curse alive

BB19 finalist Christmas Abbott returned three years later for All-Stars, where she wanted to prove herself as a competition beast, having broken her foot during her original season.

She was a part of the move-in group alongside Da’Vonne Rogers, Dani Briones, and Nicole Franzel and entered the house first. Christmas became the only player from her group to advance to the next round for the first Head of Household title of the season.

Although she didn’t win it, she opened an envelope after the competition that awarded her $5,000. During the first week, Memphis Garrett invited her into a six-person alliance, The Committee, and she established a final two pact with Tyler. She then won her first competition of the season, the Safety Suite in Week 2, and became Head of Household three weeks later.

The BB19 finalist nominated “untouchables” Da’Vonne Rogers and Bayleigh Dayton because her alliance wanted the latter out before the jury phase began. She also won the Power of Veto, securing her nominations.

Additionally, the BB19 finalist competed in the BB Basement competition, where she won the Blocker, which is the ability to prevent herself or anyone else from becoming a post-Veto nominee.


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However, Christmas never needed it as The Committee won most of the competitions, keeping her safe for most of the season. The major alliance turned on each other during the triple eviction, but Christmas avoided nominations.

She tried to pull a big move and evict Nicole Franzel, which landed her on the block for the next three weeks in a row. Unable to win another HOH or POV, Christmas went home during Week 11, placing fourth. Due to her eviction, the two-time competitor has become the latest victim of the first-to-enter curse. Big Brother 22 finale airs Oct. 28, 2020, at 9/8c on CBS.

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