‘Big Brother 22’: Final Two Allies Already Turned on Each Other Following Triple Eviction

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Big Brother 22.]

Christmas Abbott and Tyler Crispen created a final two alliance on the first day of Big Brother 22. They worked closely together, and she refused to send him home during her Head of Household when he asked. However, they turned on each other after they ended up on the wrong side of the votes.

Houseguest relax before playing the final round of the Battle Back Competition in Big Brother 19, hosted by Julie Chen
Houseguest relax before playing the final round of the Battle Back Competition in ‘Big Brother 19’, hosted by Julie Chen. | Bill Inoshita

‘Big Brother 22’ houseguests competed in a triple eviction

During Week 9, the remaining competitors faced off in a first-ever triple eviction. Immediately following Kevin Campbell’s unanimous elimination, they had to compete for the crucial HOH title.

Memphis Garrett correctly answered the most questions based on their “neighbor” Dr. Will Kirby’s video and became the HOH. Already planned out due to the warning the former winner gave them a few days prior, Memphis nominated Nicole Franzel alongside his target, David Alexander.

After a few minutes, the houseguests competed for the Power of Veto, which Christmas Abbott won. She then honored Memphis’ nominations by not saving anyone, and David became the fourth juror in a 3-2 vote.

Tyler became the outgoing HOH and nominated Dani Briones and Nicole, as planned. He then won POV, securing their nominations, and Dani unanimously followed David to the jury.

Christmas and Tyler ended up on the bottom after triple eviction

Before David’s eviction, Christmas grabbed Tyler to talk shortly before they voted. Once they went back to the living room to cast their vote, the houseguests noticed the flashing “triple eviction” sign behind host Julie Chen Moonves, who planned on revealing the surprise after the upcoming elimination.

Christmas voted first, and she decided to pull a big move and vote Nicole, the only remaining winner, out of the game, against Memphis’ wishes. Tyler voted after her, and she encouraged him to evict Nicole as well.

He agreed and then asked Enzo Palumbo to vote with them. However, the BB12 finalist chose to preserve his Core Four alliance and became the swing vote to evict David.

Christmas and Tyler turned on each other immediately following triple eviction

The other houseguests quickly figured out that Christmas and Tyler went rogue, and the two profusely apologized after they survived the triple eviction.

However, the final two partners, who Dani exposed in her eviction speech, chose to flip on each other and blamed the other for their vote against the former winner.

Tyler claimed that Christmas came up with the idea per Memphis’ orders. On the other hand, Christmas emotionally insisted her former close ally told her the votes were flipping right beforehand and that Enzo gave the go-ahead.


‘Big Brother 22’: Where the Alliances Stand Following the Triple Eviction

Believing he will go on the block next for the vote, Tyler attempted to convince Enzo that Christmas had a final two deal with Memphis, not him. Christmas feels that she will get nominated and thinks she has the best chance to survive against Tyler.

The BB19 finalist is so convinced the other houseguests will get rid of the competition beast over her that she told Enzo she might not use the Veto if she won to ensure he goes home.

Although everyone knows the two are throwing each other under the bus to save themselves, most of the remaining houseguests seemingly believe Christmas more. Big Brother 22: All-Stars airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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