‘Big Brother 22’: Dani Briones Would Root Against The Committee as a Fan, Says Her Other Alliance Isn’t Shown

This season of Big Brother has mostly focused on one big alliance called The Committee. But some fans are getting tired of them and rooting for other houseguests to get power. Dani Briones talks about who she’d root for as a fan.

The Committee has a lot of power in ‘Big Brother 22’

Dick Donato and Dani Briones attend the "Big Brother Season 9 Live Finale"
Dick Donato and Dani Briones attend the “Big Brother Season 9 Live Finale” | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

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Houseguests know that you need numbers on your side to stay in the game. It didn’t take long for The Committee to form, which includes Christmas Abbott, Cody Calafiore, Nicole Franzel, Memphis Garrett, Tyler Crispen, and Dani.

Enzo Palumbo is also a strong ally for them. They have gotten all of their targets evicted so far with little to no problem. Many fans have been rooting for the underdogs this season.

They evicted some fan-favorite players

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Fans were happy to see old-school players like Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha. Janelle previously played on seasons 6, 7, and 14. She has also been closely aligned with Kaysar in the past.

This made them major targets to the big alliance. They were eventually evicted in weeks 3 and 4. They did figure out most of the members of the alliance except for Memphis, who they thought was on their side.

“Memphis was a blind spot because we honestly believed that Memphis wanted to work with us,” Janelle told Entertainment Weekly. “We believe Memphis wanted to work with us old players. Memphis told us repeatedly he didn’t want to do a big alliance, so we thought in the future maybe he’d want to work with us.”

Many fans have been rooting for Bayleigh Dayton and Da’Vonne Rogers as a duo, but they were also separated. Soon the game will come down to powerful players turning on each other.

Dani Briones talks about The Committee and her other alliance

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Dani was seen talking to Nicole on the live feeds. “I feel like everyone hates The Committee,” she said. “Like number one we’re steamrolling, number two everyone likes the underdog. I always root for the underdog every time. I don’t care who it is. I love the underdog so I hate us already.”

She also believes Memphis and Christmas are considered as “villains.” She said she’d root against them. Nicole mentioned the Core Four alliance is “super likable.” Core Four includes Dani, Nicole, Cody, and Enzo.

“Core Four is not on the show,” Dani said. She said she’s never asked about it in the diary room and every time she mentions the alliance, people seem confused. “Core Four, that’s what I’m part of,” she said.

It’s true Core Four hasn’t really been shown on the show. Perhaps fans will hear about it once The Committee implodes.