‘Big Brother’ 22: Dani Donato Briones’ HOH Reign May Have Gotten Her Back in Viewers’ Good Graces ― for Now

After being viewed negatively by Big Brother fans for most of the season, Dani Donato Briones made a move which put her in several folks’ good graces ― putting Tyler Crispen on the block. But now that Ian Terry is on the block, this positivity may not last for long.

Dani Donato Briones
Dani Donato Briones | CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

Dani Donato Briones earlier seasons

She was first on as first on Big Brother 8 and was the runner-up, losing in the finale to her father, Dick Donato. Dani and Dick were a part of the season’s “rivals” twist. She is one of the houseguests with the most competition wins for a season, nabbing two Head of Household competitions and five Power of Veto competitions. Despite all of this, it was not enough for the jury to vote for her to win the whole shebang.

Both Dani and Dick returned for Big Brother 13. Just like one their first season, they were partnered once again this time. This season, it was for the “duos” twist. When Dick had to leave the competition due to a medical emergency, Dani received olden Key that allowed her to stay until the final ten. Dani first allied with returning players but then became allied with Kalia Booker and Porsche Briggs. She was eliminated during the first double eviction of the season. During season 13, she was the first member of the jury.

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Why her popularity nose-dived with fans during ‘Big Brother 22’

Briiones’ first season without playing against her father has been a mixed bag. Instead of allying with other “old school” players, she decided to ally with newer players that have done well at the modern game, such as Tyler Crispen and Nicole Franzel. Dani’s popularity began to tank once she started to act like she was on Da’Vonne Rogers and Bayleigh Dayton’s side when she really wasn’t. She was a major influence when the two were up on the block, resulting in Dayton’s eviction.

A daily poll conducted by Big Brother fansite, Big Brother Dailyhas seen Dani consistently be one of the least-favorable houseguests, despite the fact that she came into the season as the No. 1 favorite. Earlier this month, she was second-to-last in the poll for four days straight, placing below houseguests that had already been eliminated.

Aside from this, Briones has also been called out by fans because of microaggressions against Dayton and Rogers, as well as her role in mocking Terry’s autism.

Her HOH reign started off good, but don’t hold your breath

Briones won her first Head of Household of the season last week. She first nominated David Alexander and Kevin Campbell, but always had in the back of her mind that she could put up her ally Cripsen. The two had a disagreement over some things and Briones seemed to not mind putting him up.

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When Alexander removed himself from the block, Crispen was put up and Briones told him he was a pawn. However, a wrench was thrown in the plan when Rogers won the veto and planned to take Campbell down. Briones didn’t want to make Rogers not trust her anymore, so she decided not to convince her to use the veto.

At this point, fans thought that Briones could finally be good for her word in the game and could be instrumental in getting Crispen out. Because of this, she has risen to No. 12 in the most recent Big Brother Daily poll, which is her highest ranking since August 17.

But Briones is now starting to show that she doesn’t want Crispen to go and wants to send home a fan-favorite, Terry, who she nominated after Da’Vonne took down Campbell.

If Briones goes through with her campaign to keep Crispen instead of going with her original plan, she may start trending downward with viewers again.