‘Big Brother 22’: David Alexander on The Committee Trying to Taint His Relationship with Da’Vonne Rogers

It was the lie heard around the Big Brother world. Nicole Franzel planted her vote to evict Ian Terry on David Alexander and it changed the dynamic that Alexander had with Da’Vonne Rogers. In an exit interview, Alexander opened up about how frustrating this all was.

David Alexander
David Alexander | Michael Esham/CBS via Getty Images

David Alexander was one of the three players out during the triple eviction

In the first-ever triple eviction in Big Brother history, Alexander was evicted from the house along with Kevin Campbell and Dani Briones. Alexander was the second one to be evicted, going after Campbell but before Briones. It has been a rough patch for Alexander, who struggled to find his footing in the house.

Still, he made a lot of strides for someone who was eliminated first during last season and came back during a season with All-Stars. Alexander mostly remained a wild-card, with his closest ally, Nicole Anthony, leaving early in the game. He had a close relationship with Tyler Crispen on the other side of the house, but also maintained close relationships with Da’Vonne Rogers, Bayleigh Dayton and Kevin Campbell. As the weeks went on, he began to see that he needed to get on board with Rogers and the others, especially because he wanted to work with the other Black contestants.

However, since he told a few lies and had a bit of mistrust with Rogers, including telling her to chill when she was campaigning for him to stay when he was on the block before. This ended up in Rogers not trusting Alexander during a pivotal moment in the game.

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It was ‘frustrating’ for David Alexander to have the other side plant seed of distrust with his allies

Rogers, Campbell and Alexander all vowed to vote to keep Ian Terry in the game and to vote out Crispen. All three did so, however, Nicole Franzel told Rogers that she voted Terry out. Rogers believed her, given that Terry was supposed to be Franzel’s close ally. She wasn’t quick to believe Alexander, given their rift earlier in the game. She later apologized and reiterated that she always wanted Alexander to go far, no matter what transpired between them.

In post-eviction interviews now that he’s in the jury house, Alexander spoke to members of the press about the members of The Committee working to break the relationship that he had with his major allies in the house, Rogers and Campbell. Alexander said that Rogers not believing that he didn’t vote out Ian Terry was “very frustrating.”

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“I saw what the other side or other players were doing to divide me and Da’Vonne and using that as a ploy to break up an alliance between me, Kevin, and Da’Vonne, and it worked,” he said to Entertainment Weekly. “I mean, that was probably my most frustrating moment in the house — trying to be honest in a moment when you were trying to align with your team and the team not believing you was so frustrating. It’s still frustrating.”

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