‘Big Brother 22’: David Alexander on Why He Regrets Lying About Winning Disruptor Power

Big Brother 21 first boot David Alexander returned for season 22 to prove that he could play and win competitions. However, he lied about the only comp he won, the Disruptor Power in the BB basement. The fourth juror reflected on the moment and revealed why he regrets lying about it.

Houseguest David Alexander on Big Brother 21
Houseguest David Alexander on Big Brother 21 | Monty Brinton

David Alexander returned for ‘Big Brother 22’

California-based sales representative David Alexander first competed on Big Brother last season. Almost immediately after entering the house, the players had to vote for one person to become Camp Director, and David ran for the position.

However, Jackson Michie won and received the power to banish four of his co-competitors. He chose Cliff Hogg III, Jessica Milagros, Kemi Fakunle, and David, a move many fans perceived as racially motivated.

The four had to find their way back into the house in pitch-black darkness to continue competing. All the other banished players found the door except for David, who went back into sequester before returning as a part of Camp Comeback.

However, the sales rep failed to win the re-entry challenge, and he left as the first boot. During his time in the house, David proved to have a good read on others, earning a second chance for the upcoming season, All-Stars.

David lied about winning the Disruptor Power

Many fans had mixed feelings about David returning for BB22 as they didn’t consider him an all-star and felt he took a more deserving former houseguest’s spot.

Additionally, he immediately rubbed the other players the wrong way by asking questions about staple competitions. Therefore, the Week 2 Head of Household, Memphis Garrett, nominated the rookie. He survived as the majority of the house preferred to eliminate Nicole Anthony.

A couple of weeks later, the houseguests competed for three unique powers in the dark. David ended up winning the Disruptor Power, which allowed him to remove himself or someone else from the block.

Dani Briones nominated him two weeks later, and he saved himself by using the power. However, David pretended to cry and acted like he didn’t know who played it on him.

The other players didn’t believe him and became more annoyed with him for lying about it rather than owning the fact that he won his first BB competition.

David came clean to his allies Da’Vonne Rogers and Kevin Campbell but continued telling others he didn’t use the power until his eviction.

David admits he regrets lying about winning the power

After becoming the fourth member of the jury, the sales rep revealed he regretted lying about the power. In an interview with Parade, David explained that he felt like playing dumb “gave me a moment to take control and narrate a certain segment of the game” because he recognized his position on the bottom of the totem pole.

Therefore, he knew others would approach him, asking about the power. However, David admitted it wasn’t “a good game move” because he “took away from what could have been a beautiful moment of redemption.”


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Even though he considers lying about the power a “rookie mistake,” David noted he did enjoy activating the power and making his other houseguests “wonder” about it. Big Brother 22: All-Stars airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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