‘Big Brother 22’: Derrick Levasseur Responds to Rumors Nicole Franzel Got Him Kicked off for Pre-Gaming

Dan Gheesling and Derrick Levasseur, arguably two of the best Big Brother competitors to play, were initially rumored to compete in the highly anticipated all-stars season. However, both have announced they turned the offer down. According to circulating rumors, BB18 champ Nicole Franzel had something to do with why the legends are not returning, which has the BB fandom upset with her.

Former Big Brother winner, Derrick Levasseur, surprises the houseguests
Former Big Brother winner, Derrick Levasseur, surprises the houseguests | by Johnny Vy

Derrick Levasseur and Dan Gheesling rumored to compete on ‘Big Brother 22’

In a September 2018 Instagram Live with BB10 champ Dan Gheesling, BB16 winner Derrick Levasseur said he would return for an all-stars season if it included the likes of Gheesling and legend Dr. Will Kirby.

When rumors of an all-stars season first started circulating almost two years later, many thought those two were locked in to compete for Big Brother 22. However, Levasseur and Gheesling declined the invitation.

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It seemed as if there wouldn’t be a season as the COVID-19 pandemic repeatedly delayed production on the show. Nonetheless, CBS announced it is returning with an all-star studded cast for its 20th anniversary in Summer 2020.

They also released their protocols to ensure the safety of the crew and veteran houseguests.

Nicole Franzel reportedly got Derrick Levasseur and Dan Gheesling removed from ‘BB22’

In a June 2020 tweet, Dick “Evel” Donato claimed BB18 winner Nicole Franzel received a call from her co-star Paul Abrahamian and BB19 champ Josh Martinez asking if CBS invited her back for the all-stars season.

Franzel allegedly didn’t receive an invitation at that time. Therefore, she reportedly called producers and “made a huge stink” about it. When rumored cast lists began circulating with the BB18 winner as a potential returnee, many insiders implied she was not a first choice.

In a July 2020 video, a YouTuber claimed Franzel did not receive an invitation for the all-stars season but pretended that she did. The two-time player then got into a chat, allegedly made by Levasseur and Gheesling, where several potential returning houseguests strategized before the season.

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Reportedly, Franzel informed production about the pre-gaming, which allegedly resulted in Levasseur’s and Gheesling’s removal from the cast. Although the YouTuber claims they received the information from rumored returning players, many fans don’t believe the legends were removed for pre-gaming, as several competitors typically do so.

Additionally, BB21 star Kat Dunn went live on Instagram and slammed the rumors that Franzel got them kicked off the season. However, she did say the 28-year-old “snitched” on people who were pre-gaming, but other competitors she told on haven’t been removed from the cast.

Derrick Levasseur responds to rumors Nicole Franzel got him kicked off

The BB16 champ already explained he rejected the invitation to return because his daughter asked him not to leave and due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He then quote-tweeted the YouTuber’s video and admitted he isn’t “happy” with his former co-star.

The Breaking Homicide host also denied his involvement in any group chat. His response confused fans because they didn’t understand why he would be upset with Franzel if he chose not to come back for his daughter.

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The Twitter account for her podcast, Coco Caliente, also responded to the rumors. This person, likely Franzel’s fiancé and BB18 star Victor Arroyo, claimed the reports were “lies.”

He also said he thought it was “low” for Levasseur to say he wasn’t happy with Franzel without confirming or denouncing the rumors. How will this drama boil over into the BB22 house? The new season premieres Aug. 5 at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.