‘Big Brother 22’: Dick Donato Accuses Dani Briones of Cheating and Tossing Her Game

Fans are getting heated over how houseguests are playing Big Brother 22. One of them is Dick Donato, the father of Dani Briones, also known as Evel Dick. He tweeted that he is disappointed in her game for multiple reasons. [Warning spoilers for the Sept. 15 episode.]

Dani Donato won Head of Household

Dani has struggled to win competitions this season. But she was the last person standing on the wall and got Head of Household for week 6.

The Sept 13. episode ended with her nominating Kevin Campbell and David Alexander. This isn’t surprising given they are some of the few houseguests left outside her alliances.

Dani is currently aligned with Christmas Abbott, Nicole Franzel, Tyler Crispen, Cody Calafiore, Memphis Garrett, and Enzo Palumbo. She also seems to want to stay on Da’Vonne Rogers’ good side after she just survived the block.

We do know the nominations won’t stay the same because David has the power of The Disruptor. He will be taking himself off the block, which will leave Dani with fewer options.

He accused her of cheating and tossing her game

Dani Briones and Dick Donato on 'Big Brother'
Dani Briones and Dick Donato on ‘Big Brother’ Sonja Flemming/CBS

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Donato made it known that he’s keeping up with this new season. He tweeted on Sept. 15 that he isn’t happy with his daughter’s game.

“I am very disappointed in Dani’s game this season for a number of reasons… Who she evicts this week is not one of the reasons. It will be either Trevor or Ian, both are good boots. Tucker is one of the biggest threats in the house and Ian is a past winner,” started his thread.

This is in reference to Ian Terry and Tyler going up on the block. He went on to talk about the rumors about pregaming.

“Why I am disappointed is the pregaming, let’s call it what it is, cheating… her lack of trust in her own game, that she feels she needs to be in a gang with this group think bullsh*t, having to ask permission what to do, who to put up, who to vote out,” he tweeted.

Dick added that his daughter is a “fantastic strategist” and a “comp beast.” He wrote, “But for her to completely toss her own game to jump on board with the Band of P*ssies is beyond frustrating and annoying, when HER game is better than 95% of them in the house.”

He ended the thread by putting a call out to the producers to do something to change the game to make it more fun. It looks like Donato is one of many fans who aren’t happy about this season.

Chris “Swaggy C” Williams previously tweeted Dani and Nicole had a final two deal before the show, but this hasn’t been confirmed. Dani was also seen on the live feeds consulting members of her alliance to see who should be the replacement on the block.