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[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Big Brother 22.]

Last week, a fan went to the Big Brother studios and broadcasted a message relating to Janelle Pierzina to the houseguests in the backyard. Yesterday, someone else also yelled over the wall and name-dropped Cody Calafiore and Nicole Franzel as sneaky competitors. Big Brother 8 winner and avid BB commentator Dick “Evel” Donato told the fan what to say.

Previous winner of the show Big Brother 8, Dick Donato (R) and his daughter Danielle Donato attend the Big Brother Season 9 Live Finale
Previous winner of the show Big Brother 8, Dick Donato (R) and his daughter Danielle Donato attend the “Big Brother” Season 9 Live Finale | Frederick M. Brown

Cody Calafiore joined several alliances in “Big Brother 22”

BB16 runner-up Cody Calafiore won the first Head of Household competition of the season and used his position to get into everyone’s good graces. He told BB18 winner Nicole Franzel they were “ride or dies” and made a final two pact titled The Root, with fellow New Jersey citizen, Enzo Palumbo.

Cody later merged the alliances and invited Dani Donato Briones to create the Core Four. The BB16 runner-up and Enzo also started working closely with Tyler Crispen as he’s proven himself as a competition beast.

Additionally, Memphis Garrett approached the HOH with an alliance and invited Christmas Abbott, Dani, Tyler, and Nicole to form The Commission. Because Cody became so entangled with several alliances off the bat and his intended targets won safety, he nominated the houseguests he talked to the least, Keesha Smith and Kevin Campbell.

After speaking with the nominees, Cody decided to start a working relationship with Kevin and eliminate Keesha as he perceived the BB10 fan-favorite as a number for Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha.

Nicole Franzel wants to play “puppet master” in “Big Brother 22”

As one of the two winners in the house, Nicole approached BB14 champ, Ian Terry, with an alliance. He quickly accepted as the two are friends outside of the house, and both believe they have the best chance to win if they are in the final two seats together.

After Kaysar began realizing the house’s dynamics, he tried to warn Ian, who later informed Nicole what the BB6 star said. Not wanting Ian to flip on her eventually, she encouraged Dani and Cody to create an alliance with the BB14 winner to feel safe. Ian accepted and tentatively titled the group the Four Prime.

A few days before the fourth eviction, Nicole talked to Dani and proclaimed she wanted to become the “puppet master” of the season because she started to feel worried.

Believing Bayleigh Dayton will target Nicole due to the BB20 star’s association with Janelle, the BB18 winner wants to target her first.

Evel Dick Donato told the second wall yeller to name-drop Cody and Nicole

As Nicole and Dani talked in the upstairs loft, several houseguests gathered in the kitchen, waiting for the backyard to open. A fan posted a picture of them holding a bullhorn in front of a TV screen playing the Live Feeds to Twitter.

They asked if anyone knew what time the backyard opened as they’re “ready and willing to ruin someone’s game.” Former winner and Dani’s father, Evel Dick Donato, replied, “Nicole and Cody are playing you all,” to which they responded, “your wish is my command.”

Shortly later, the fan blasted, “Nicole and Cody are playing everyone,” to the houseguests in the backyard. Viewers watched Christmas, Memphis, and Kaysar’s immediate reaction before the house went on lockdown, and the Live Feeds cut for a few hours.


‘Big Brother 22’: Where All the Alliances Stand Going Into Week 3

It seems as the message has made a few competitors nervous as Cody has started throwing Dani under the bus to take the heat off him. Additionally, Da’Vonne Rogers and Bayleigh are beginning to see their position in the alliance and the web that Cody and Nicole created.

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