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After finishing third in Big Brother 12, Enzo Palumbo returned 10 years later, hoping to improve his placement. Even though he played a different game by proving himself as a competition threat, he failed to win either part of the final Head of Household. Therefore, the Meow Meow will need the winner to take him to the end, or he’ll place third again. On the night before the finale, Enzo claimed he would “snap” if he doesn’t get the opportunity to face the jury.

Enzo Palumbo cast picture from Big Brother 12
Enzo Palumbo cast picture from ‘Big Brother 12’ | Sonja Flemming

Enzo Palumbo returned for ‘Big Brother 22: All-Stars’

In 2010, Enzo “Meow Meow” Palumbo appeared on Big Brother 12 and created an all-male alliance, The Brigade. Known as one of the most successful coalitions in franchise history, three of the four members reached the final three together.

After winning the last Head of Household competition, Hayden Moss cast the sole vote to evict the Meow Meow due to his likeability.

Enzo returned 10 years later for Big Brother 22: All-Stars and formed a final two alliance with fellow New Jersey native Cody Calafiore on the first day.

He began winning competitions right off the bat, including the first Power of Veto competition, a Safety Suite, and his first Head of Household. After eliminating Kaysar Ridha, the Meow Meow laid low and focused more on his social skills by joining a few alliances as well as buddying up to those on the block.

Enzo made it to the final three

During the first-ever triple eviction, Enzo passed on the opportunity to evict the only former winner remaining, Nicole Franzel, believing it was the best move for him at the time.

He then continued his streak of not getting nominated for the next couple of weeks until he won the final four HOH. Enzo protected his number one ally and put Christmas Abbott and Nicole on the block, hoping the former won POV so the returning champ would possibly go home.

However, Cody walked away with the power and cast the sole vote to evict Christmas. The final three then faced off for the last title of HOH. Enzo failed to win either part, and he believes Nicole will take Cody to the end.

Therefore, he’s hoping the other Root member pulls out the win as he feels his ally will choose him.

Enzo says he’ll ‘snap’ on Cody if he ‘cuts’ him during the finale

After not winning Part 1 or 2, Enzo frequently chastised himself and questioned why Nicole would rather sit next to Cody at the end than him. He couldn’t sleep the night before the finale and asked his ex-wife to have their children look away if someone eliminates him because he’ll get upset.

Enzo also claimed he would “cut them right back” and refuse to hug the person. While he doesn’t think Cody will evict him, Enzo noted he would “snap” if his final two ally betrays him.

Additionally, the Meow Meow also went back and forth between thinking the other two wouldn’t take him because he’s played the best social game and questioning why they wouldn’t want to sit next to him in the end.


‘Big Brother 22’: Where the Alliances Stand Following the Triple Eviction

Enzo also talked about not evicting Nicole in the triple as he believed leaving the bigger target in the game over a pawn (David Alexander) would get him further.

Cody and Nicole have already promised each other several times they will take one another to the end, no matter who wins Part 3. Unless one of them flips on the other, Enzo will likely place third again.

Will he “snap” as he claims or be a good sport? Big Brother 22: All-Stars finale airs Oct. 28 at 9/8c on CBS.

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