‘Big Brother 22’: Fan Allegedly Yells Pro-Janelle Pierzina Message Over Wall To Houseguests In Backyard

After competing three times with an impressive record, Big Brother legend Janelle Pierzina walked into the house as the biggest target. A major alliance almost immediately formed, but only Janelle and her longstanding ally Kaysar Ridha saw the writing on the wall. Therefore, they attempted to save Keesha Smith and Nicole Anthony to have the numbers to avoid getting picked off early. However, the allies failed and were immediately targeted the following week.

Janelle has been a fan-favorite for the past 15 years, and viewers want to see her shake up the house. Therefore, they want her to stay around for another week. An enthusiastic fan allegedly approached the Big Brother house and yelled a positive message to Janelle.

Janelle Pierzina appears at the season finale of CBS's Big Brother 6
Janelle Pierzina appears at the season finale of CBS’s “Big Brother 6” | Kevin Winter

Janelle Pierzina placed on the block in ‘Big Brother 22’

During the second week of Big Brother 22, Janelle Pierzina and longstanding ally Kaysar Ridha attempted to save their ally, nominee Nicole Anthony.

However, the BB21 finalist began believing other houseguests who convinced her that the old school players set her up as part of a diabolical master plan.

Therefore, she bashed the four-time competitor to the other side of the house and unknowingly warned them that Janelle and Kaysar pinpointed their alliance.

Tyler Crispen won the following Head of Household competition and targeted the two allies. While anything can happen, the votes look like they’re going in Kaysar’s favor as the ladies in the house deem Janelle the bigger threat.

Fans want Janelle Pierzina to stay in the house

Because several houseguests, including Nicole Franzel, Dani Donato Briones, and Cody Calafiore, talk about Janelle regularly, fans believe they’re jealous of the four-time competitor.

The major alliance thinks Janelle dragged Nicole A. through the wringer and said negative things about them. However, the “unbothered queen” hasn’t bashed the ladies until after Nicole F.’s harsh Have-Not speech and never betrayed the BB21 finalist.


Additionally, Janelle had been a fan-favorite since her debut 15 years ago, and viewers want to see her play as she always seems to get the short end of the stick.

They also wish for Janelle to stay in the house to win and HOH and begin breaking up the dominant alliance.

Fan allegedly yells pro-Janelle Pierzina message

On Day 22, a fan reportedly screamed a message to the houseguests lounging in the backyard, forcing an immediate lockdown. After the feeds returned, Janelle told Bayleigh Dayton the yeller said something to make Cody nervous.

She also implied that America wanted her to stay in the house. While it’s unclear exactly what the fan said, a Redditor claimed the yeller stated, “F**k Nicole get her out” and “Janelle is to be trusted.”


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Even though the four-time competitor and BB16 runner-up loudly heard her name, they might not have understood the entire message. Many fans think the note gave Janelle a boost of confidence as she’s beginning to attempt to gather votes to stay in the house.

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