‘Big Brother 22’: Why Fans Are Having a Hard Time Rooting for Nicole Anthony

The majority of fans were cheering for Nicole Anthony when she first entered the Big Brother 22: All-Stars house. However, Live Feeders think she reacted poorly to her early nomination and has blamed the wrong people for ending up on the block. Therefore, they’re finding it hard to continue to root for her.

Nicole Anthony, houseguest on the CBS series Big Brother
Nicole Anthony, houseguest on the CBS series ‘Big Brother’ | Sonja Flemming

Nicole Anthony thinks Janelle Pierzina ‘used’ her

After Memphis Garrett nominated Nicole Anthony and David Alexander for eviction, she almost immediately broke down in tears as she didn’t want to be on the block next to her BB21 co-star.

Additionally, she felt like she didn’t compete for safety as a sign of trust in Memphis, and he used that as a reason to nominate her. The BB21 finalist also admitted the nomination brought up emotions she felt last year from dominating alliance Gr8ful.

She began to place the blame on Janelle because she thought her ally and Memphis were close. However, the HOH chose not to align with the four-time competitor and Kayar Ridha.


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Janelle also went to Memphis’ room after the nominations, and they drank wine and talked for a while. The four-time competitor mentioned Nicole A. as someone he can work with several times, but Memphis repeatedly stated he didn’t have an opinion on the BB21 finalist.

While they were talking, Kevin knocked on the door, but no one opened it for him. He heard their voices through the door and immediately went to Nicole A. and told her that Janelle was behind her nomination.

Nicole A. quickly believed him because she already began to doubt the four-time competitor. A few other houseguests also planted seeds in her head, causing last season’s fan-favorite to believe that Janelle “used” her and only tried to befriend her so she would vote for Keesha Smith.

Fans are having a hard time rooting for Nicole Anthony

Two days before her likely eviction, Nicole A. began campaigning for votes to stay in the house. After realizing the houseguests were leaning toward eliminating her due to her early friendship with Janelle, the BB21 finalist started denouncing all associations with the four-time competitor.

She bashed Janelle to several houseguests and insisted she would nominate the real estate agent and Kaysar if she won HOH. Additionally, Nicole A. threatened to call a house meeting to expose her former ally.


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Fans started getting annoyed with Nicole A. because they feel she’s making the same mistakes as last season. Live Feeders also don’t understand why Nicole A. is refusing to associate with Janelle and Kaysar, who are advocating for the BB21 finalist seemingly harder than she’s doing for herself.

Instead, she wants to align with the side of the house who wants to keep David over her. Many fans initially rooted for Nicole A. as they fell in love with her during season 21.

However, they believe she’s “taken such a nosedive” and behaving immaturely by blaming everyone else except the HOH for ending up on the block.


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Several fans think Nicole A.’s incorrect reads on the house aren’t her fault. Others don’t think she should have returned so soon after her season 21 experience.

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