‘Big Brother 22’: Fans Think Enzo Palumbo Could Have ‘Saved the Season’ With 1 Move

Majority alliance “The Committee” has dominated Big Brother 22 so far, and the triple eviction threatened to throw them off their game. However, they effectively planned out the eliminations, mainly due to the houseguests receiving a warning a few days prior and an accidental reveal during the live show. Many fans believe Enzo Palumbo could have changed the predictable season’s course during the triple and are annoyed he decided against it.

Enzo Palumbo of Big Brother 12
Enzo Palumbo of ‘Big Brother 12’ | Sonja Flemming

Enzo Palumbo on ‘Big Brother 22’

After 10 years since last competing, BB12 finalist Enzo “Meow Meow” Palumbo returned for All-Stars. On Day 1, he made a final two pact with the first Head of Household of the season, fellow New Jersey native Cody Calafiore.

They extended the alliance to include Nicole Franzel and Dani Briones, “Core Four,” and created other secondary pacts with Da’Vonne Rogers, Bayleigh Dayton, and Tyler Crispen.

Additionally, Enzo won Head of Household during Week 3 and aligned with nominee Kevin Campbell and Christmas Abbott, who he previously saved in a Safety Suite competition and volunteered as a pawn for him.

However, he remained most loyal to the Core Four until they noticed Dani planted seeds of doubt and tried to play the puppet master. Therefore, he joined two separate final three alliances with Memphis Garrett for protection, with one including Christmas and the other with Cody as a member.

Enzo decided not to evict Nicole in triple eviction

Shortly after agreeing to the final three pacts, the houseguests underwent an unprecedented triple eviction. They had to face off in two Head of Household and Power of Veto competitions as well as accompanying evictions, resulting in three players joining the jury in one night.

Memphis correctly answered the most questions about a video starring their “neighbor,” BB2 winner Dr. Will Kirby, becoming the first HOH following Kevin Campbell’s eviction. He nominated the only non-Committee member left, David Alexander, alongside Nicole Franzel.

Immediately following his nominations, they faced off for the crucial POV, and Christmas snagged the power. She followed Memphis’ wishes and chose to leave his nominations the same. However, the BB19 finalist played her own game and voted out Nicole, going against the HOH, who wanted her to evict David.

She then told her final two partner Tyler Crispen about her vote, and he followed her lead. He encouraged Enzo to follow suit, but the BB12 finalist decided not to go against his Core Four ally and became the swing vote to keep Nicole over David.

Fans think Enzo could have ‘saved the season’ by voting out Nicole

Many fans were annoyed by the Meow Meow’s choice not to pull the big move and feel he’s “all talk and no bite.” Additionally, he has vocalized his desire to get rid of the former winner because she already “won her money.”

Some believe the triple eviction’s accidental reveal played a part and think he kept Nicole out of fear of retaliation or becoming a pawn himself. Because the entire season has been predictable so far, several fans think Enzo, who many were rooting for, could have changed the course by shocking the house and evicting the only remaining winner.

BB21 houseguest Ovi Kabir theorized what could have happened if the BB12 finalist pulled the trigger, noting David would have stayed in the house, and Tyler likely still would have won the second HOH competition.


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He would then nominate Dani and Memphis, as he already stated the latter was next on his list after Nicole. Tyler would probably win the POV as he did, resulting in either going to the jury, likely Dani. Therefore, Nicole and Dani would have gone home in the triple eviction, “saving the season,” according to Ovi and other fans.

Additionally, David would have stayed in the house and probably become more important moving forward as the former Committee members would want his vote. Instead, the house is split into two pairs, Memphis and Christmas and Cody and Nicole, with Enzo playing the middle and Tyler the new target due to his competition prowess. Big Brother 22: All-Stars airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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