‘Big Brother 22’: Why ‘BB21’ Runner-Up Holly Allen ‘Doesn’t Respect’ Memphis Garrett’s Gameplay

Big Brother 10 runner-up Memphis Garrett won his first Head of Household competition during the second week of BB22. He chose to nominate Nicole Anthony and David Alexander because he didn’t want to make waves in the house. Before Nicole A.’s 10-2 eviction, Memphis indicated that he didn’t know BB21 runner-up Holly Allen. The former pageant beauty claimed she didn’t care that he didn’t remember her, but did note that she “doesn’t respect” his gameplay.

Holly Alexander on Big Brother 21
Holly Alexander on ‘Big Brother 21’ | Robert Voets

Memphis Garrett’s reign as Head of Household in ‘Big Brother 22’

After winning a trivia-based competition, Memphis Garrett took the reins as Head of Household. He initially targeted Ian Terry as he didn’t trust the BB14 winner and wanted to avenge his Renegade partner Dan Gheesling.

However, Christmas Abbott won the Safety Suite, and Nicole Franzel convinced the BB19 finalist to save her Million Club ally. Therefore, he nominated BB21 co-stars Nicole Anthony and David Alexander as he felt they didn’t have many connections in the house.

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Memphis also won Power of Veto, retaining all control, and chose not to change his nominations, even though his alliance wanted him to backdoor Janelle Pierzina.

The majority of the house preferred to save David and weaken Janelle by evicting Nicole Anthony.

Memphis Garrett doesn’t know who Holly Allen is

Before Nicole A.’s eviction, she and Memphis held a light-hearted conversation in the backyard. The two talked about food, and the BB21 finalist noted that runner-up Holly Allen cooked great Thai food.

Not knowing the BB21 runner-up, Memphis asked if Holly is of Thai nationality. The former pageant queen actively watches BB22, including the Live Feeds, and heard the conversation.

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She then responded to it on her Instagram Story and claimed Memphis not knowing her didn’t “offend” her because she knows several of the old school players aren’t caught up on the new seasons.

However, the BB21 runner-up pointed out that Memphis has “bashed” many of her co-stars. Therefore, he did watch their season or is making disparaging remarks about the competitors without having watched it.

Holly Allen said she ‘doesn’t respect’ Memphis Garrett’s gameplay

The BB21 runner-up claimed she deleted the previous video in a follow-up clip because she went on a “tangent” after having a couple of glasses of wine. Holly clarified that she’s “frustrated” with Memphis’ gameplay as he claimed he wanted to “make a big move.”

However, she feels he went “for the easiest game move when there are massive threats in the house.” Holly expressed she thought he could have “made a stand” by nominating others but “took the easy route.”

Therefore, the BB21 runner-up is “having a hard time respecting” his game. Holly captioned the clip explaining she understands fellow runner-up Memphis wanting to come back and prove himself but doesn’t think he’s doing that with his first HOH win.

Holly Allen Instagram Story Memphis Garrett
via Holly Allen Instagram Story

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She also feels he chose “easy nominees” because they are the most recent players and don’t have solid alliances, even though they’re “great competitors.”

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