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Tyler Crispen is one of the contestants of Big Brother 22: All-Stars. The reality TV personality was originally introduced to audiences during BB20 where he was a runner-up. Fans of the show are extremely committed to the show and wall yellers have been trying to affect the game inside the house. The house was placed on lockdown once again on Sunday, September 13 and Tyler has over it.

Tyler Crispen
Tyler Crispen | Gordon Patterson/CBS via Getty Images

Where does Tyler Crispen stand in the house this week?

Tyler has been a divisive contestant for fans. During week 3 of the show, he won the Head of Household competition and put up fan-favorites Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha. Both players are legends in the Big Brother world and targeting them turned the fans against him.

When Janelle and Kaysar’s game was threatened, die-hard fans got the courage to approach CBS Studios to yell over the wall. The wall yellers tune into the live feeds to see when the housemates are in the backyard. Fans hope that the players can hear their message to warn them and affect decisions made in the game.

The downside to the wall yellers is that production places the contestants on lockdown. All the houseguests are forced to go back indoors in the air-conditioned house and remain there to deter more fans to yell more. Another downside is that the live feeds get cut for people at home watching, a service they pay extra for.

Tyler Crispen annoyed with fans

In the Big Brother house, there is a big alliance, that many believe was formed prior to the season starting. These groups have been targeting anyone outside of that alliance. Fans at home have been wanting to shift the power and have been yelling names of people that are working together inside the house.

On Sunday, September 13, the live feeds were witness to “Big Brother” telling the housemates they were once again on lockdown. They were not sure if this was due to another wall yeller, but the players believed the backyard was being closed off for that reason.

Tyler was one of the most outspoken contestants, annoyed with fans and he had a plea for them.

“Please stop doing that fans… you’re ruining the game,” Tyler is heard saying on the live feeds.

Before saying that, Tyler was talking to Nicole Franzel about the wall yellers coming out as the latest Big Brother episode airs on CBS.

“Right as the episode ends, people go nuts. So lame,” Tyler added.

Fans disagree with Tyler Crispen

Tyler complained in the house about fans “ruining the game,” but fans didn’t think so. They feel the power has been one-sided and want to actually liven up the game and make it more interesting. Tyler’s dissatisfaction also comes as he threatened to quit the show if he was sent to the jury house.

Spoiler Alert!

Dani Donato is the HOH this week and put up Kevin Campbell and David Alexander up for eviction. The latter had the “disruptor power” and used it to get himself off the block. As a replacement nominee, Donato chose Tyler and his game might come to an end.

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In the past weeks he has expressed that he wants to go home and when he was nominated for eviction, the urge was stronger. Tyler does not want to be evicted and be stuck in the jury house until the show ends.

Big Brother All-Stars airs on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.