‘Big Brother 22’: Houseguests Are Shipping a Showmance Between These Two Competitors

Because nearly all of the Big Brother 22 houseguests are married or in committed relationships, many fans were not expecting any houseguests to form romantic relationships this season. However, Dani Donato Briones, Nicole Franzel, and Cody Calafiore are shipping a showmance between singles Da’Vonne Rogers and David Alexander.

Da'Vonne Rogers of the CBS series Big Brother
Da’Vonne Rogers of the CBS series ‘Big Brother’ | Monty Brinton

David Alexander and Da’Vonne Rogers started ‘Big Brother 22’ off on the wrong foot

Before returning for Big Brother 22, three-time competitor Da’Vonne Rogers promised she would not vote out another black person. Therefore, she aligned with Bayleigh Dayton, and David Alexander dubbed “Black Excellence.”

Da’Vonne also made a final three pact with Nicole Anthony and Kevin Campbell. However, Nicole A. and David ended up on the block next to each other during the second week.

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The three-time competitor almost immediately admitted to Nicole A. she wouldn’t vote out David, regardless of their final three pact. Da’Vonne seemed to reconsider her vote as David told her he joined an all-guy alliance and couldn’t guarantee her safety.

Additionally, she believed that keeping Nicole A. would work best for her game. However, Da’Vonne stuck to her guns and kept David. During the week, he felt as Da’Vonne campaigned for him and wanted her to stop because he didn’t want people to start linking them together.

Houseguests are shipping a showmance between David Alexander and Da’Vonne Rogers

David telling Da’Vonne to stop campaigning for him annoyed her because she felt she followed her morals, which had nothing to do with the BB21 competitor as a person.

Before Memphis Garrett nominated him, Dani Donato Briones and Nicole Franzel joked with Da’Vonne about getting into a showmance with David as they’re both single, attractive, and around the same age.

Even though Da’Vonne allowed the ladies to joke with her about the situation, she asked them not to spread it around as she didn’t want the rumors affecting her game.

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However, Cody Calafiore approached her about the potential showmance and claimed he heard from Bayleigh. However, the BB20 star insisted she never said anything to him about it.

The ladies don’t know how Cody found out yet, but Live Feeders know he received the information from his close allies, Dani and Nicole F.

The ‘Big Brother 22’ showmance rumors got out of hand

During Week 3, the showmance teasing continued as the ladies advised Da’Vonne to give the showmance a chance. Dani noted that showmances helped Nicole F.’s game and could work the same for the three-time competitor.

Not knowing about the continual joking, Bayleigh thought Nicole F. repeatedly mentioned the potential showmance to paint Da’Vonne and David as targets.

Therefore, she began to get annoyed with the BB18 winner and remarked it took Nicole F. “a couple of tries with a couple of guys” to finally win a season.

The comment hurt the podcast host’s feelings as many viewers discount her victory due to her history with the relationships in the BB house. Therefore, she broke down in tears.

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After Da’Vonne explained why the comment upset Nicole F., the BB18 champ and Bayleigh had a conversation and seemingly squashed the situation.

While Da’Vonne noted she might entertain something with David out of boredom, the three-time competitor admitted he wasn’t her usual type. It’s unclear if the BB21 competitor has a romantic interest in Da’Vonne or not.

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