‘Big Brother 22’: Ian Terry Allegedly Tried To ‘Escape’ From the Jury House

During Big Brother 22, returning winner Ian Terry was backdoored by his ally due to the BB Basement twist and a Power of Veto play. He then became the first jury member and allegedly attempted to “escape” from the house by climbing the fences.

After wining the $500,000 grand prize, Ian Terry (left) poses next to runner-up, Dan Gheesling, on the Big Brother Finale
After wining the $500,000 grand prize, Ian Terry (left) poses next to runner-up, Dan Gheesling, on the Big Brother Finale | Sonja Flemming

Ian Terry became the first jury member in ‘Big Brother 22’

Almost 10 years after winning Big Brother 14, Ian Terry returned for BB22: All-Stars and quickly teamed up with only other returning champ and real-life friend, Nicole Franzel.

She already joined alliances without Ian and didn’t want him catching on, so she created another alliance, including Ian and her two main allies, Cody Calafiore and Dani Briones.

He figured out he was on the bottom of the totem pole thanks to outside information and conversations with Kaysar Ridha but didn’t have the ability to change anything.

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Two weeks after aligning with Dani, she backdoored him due to David Alexander removing himself from the block and Da’Vonne Rogers saving Kevin with the Power of Veto.

Because Nicole was aligned with the other nominee Tyler Crispen through The Committee, she chose to keep him over Ian, making the former winner the first jury member.

Ian allegedly tried to ‘escape’ from the jury house

During his last few days in the house, Ian struggled to understand his nomination, and the others couldn’t tell him for the sake of their game. He realized the others would evict him over Tyler and threatened to quit because he didn’t want to sit in jury for the entire time.

The former winner also noted several times he would not stay in the jury house and rather go home. Two weeks later, Kevin Campbell arrived as the third jury member and first evictee in the historic triple eviction.

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After leaving the house, Kevin opened up about what went on in the jury house, including a fight he had with Da’vonne and how the members felt about the final three.

In a Nov. 1 interview with BB22 contestant Nicole Anthony, he claimed that Ian was “losing his mind” and attempting to “escape” from the jury house by climbing the fence. He also noted security “beefed” up around the jury house because Ian supposedly created a comprehensive escape plan.

Ian denies he tried to leave the jury house

The BB14 champ caught wind of what Kevin said on the podcast and denied trying to escape. In a Nov. 2 tweet, he clarified that he stood near the fence and “peered out the small opening at freedom” instead of attempting to leave.

While some fans think Kevin “stretched” the truth and continues to have “bad reads,” others believe the former champ might have tried to escape, and they don’t blame him.

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Kevin also spoke about Ian’s reaction to finding out that others were making fun of him in the house and said he was most “offended” by Nicole.

According to Kevin, the former winner felt Nicole treated him like a “baby,” and he didn’t appreciate it. Big Brother 23 returns in the summer of 2021.

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