‘Big Brother 22’: Ian Terry and Dani Donato Briones Get Into Heated Argument Off-Feeds

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Big Brother 22.]

Head of Household Dani Donato Briones nominated ally Ian Terry post-Veto when she ran out of competitors to put up due to her several alliances in the house. Even though a few houseguests promised Ian their vote, he realized he might go home and got upset. The former champ then got into a heated argument with Dani while the Live Feeds were down on Big Brother 22 Night 42.

Winning houseguest, Ian Terry, poses with host, Julie Chen, on the Big Brother Finale
Winning houseguest, Ian Terry, poses with host, Julie Chen, on the Big Brother Finale | Sonja Flemming

Dani Donato Briones became Head of Household for ‘Big Brother 22’ Week 6

After holding on to the infamous wall for nearly two hours, season 8 runner-up Dani Donato Briones merged as the new Head of Household for the week.

The stay-at-home mother ended up nominating Kevin Campbell and David Alexander because she has an alliance or pact with everyone else in the house.

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When David saved himself with his Disruptor Power, she put up ally Tyler Crispen as the replacement, even though they agreed not to target each other until the final six.

The HOH, her nominees, Da’Vonne Rogers, Enzo Palumbo, and Ian Terry, faced off for the Power of Veto, and Da’Vonne earned her first win. Throughout the week, she, Kevin, and David have realized they’re next out the door, so she wanted to use the Veto to make Dani have to nominate another ally.

Dani Donato Briones nominated Ian Terry post-Veto

Following the Veto competition, The Committee, which consists of Nicole Franzel, Cody Calafiore, Memphis Garrett, Christmas Abbott, Dani, and Tyler, all met and agreed it would be in their best interest if Da’Vonne didn’t use the Veto.

Therefore, they came up with a plan to convince Kevin and Da’Vonne that they would vote to evict Tyler so she wouldn’t take her friend off the block. Even though she told Dani she would keep the nominations the same before the competition, Da’Vonne changed her mind after the HOH named all of her “untouchables” and admitted Ian would likely go up as a replacement.

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Wanting to save her friend and make Dani show her cards, Da’Vonne used the Veto on Kevin, and the HOH nominated Ian, unwilling to upset anyone else from The Committee.

Even though Dani called Ian “the ultimate pawn,” she knew her allies would save Tyler and evict the former winner. The alliance didn’t want to hurt Ian’s feelings, so they lied and told him he had their votes.

Ian Terry and Dani Donato Briones got into an argument

Following the nomination ceremony, Ian initially acted like he didn’t care and claimed it’s only a game. However, he began to realize he might not have the votes and began to spin out.

He stated he didn’t want to leave the house on someone else’s mistake and become the first Jury member. Ian also threatened to self-evict and promised he wouldn’t vote for anyone as the winner who voted against him.

The houseguests received alcohol the next day, Day 42, and Dani and Ian apparently got into an argument while the Live Feeds were down. According to the HOH, Ian pointed his finger in her face and blamed her for putting him in his current situation.

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After the argument, Ian talked to Christmas about it and hoped he didn’t “offend” Dani by telling her that she’s the reason why he’s in “this spot.”

The following morning, Enzo asked the HOH what happened between her and Ian, and she admitted she became upset because he told her things she didn’t want to hear. Dani and Ian hugged and made up the next day.

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