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After filming for Big Brother 22: All-Stars wrapped, many of the houseguests noted they were surprised by national news such as President Trump catching COVID-19. However, former champ Ian Terry stated in an interview that nothing shocked him after he re-entered the real world because he already learned about several breaking news topics using a telescope while in the jury house.

Television personality and winner of 'Big Brother 14' Ian Terry attends the 'Big Brother' wrap party
Television personality and winner of ‘Big Brother 14’ Ian Terry attends the ‘Big Brother’ wrap party | Tibrina Hobson

Ian Terry won ‘Big Brother 14’

In 2012, then 21-year-old engineering student Ian Terry initially competed on Big Brother 14 as a member of Team Mike “Boogie” Malin. After the coaches began playing individually, Ian formed a dominant alliance, the Quack Pack, and orchestrated his former coach’s early eviction.

He then proved himself a physical threat toward the end of the season, winning four Head of Households and two Power of Vetos, becoming the third male to win six competitions.

The Louisiana native became the final HOH and chose former winner Dan Gheesling to six next to and face the jury.

Ian’s former houseguests overwhelmingly felt he played the better game and awarded him the title and $500,000 cash prize in a 6-1 vote.

Ian became the first jury member in ‘BB22’

Nearly 10 years later, Ian returned for the second All-Stars season as one of two former winners. Therefore, he teamed up with the other returning champ and real-life friend, BB18 winner Nicole Franzel, and they formed the Millionaire’s Club.

Even though she proved his main loyalty, Nicole had several other allies, and she wanted Ian to feel safe. As a result, she formed a four-person alliance with him and two of her closest allegiances, Dani Briones and Cody Calafiore, known as the Four Prime.

However, it quickly fell apart when Dani won the following HOH and nominated Kevin Campbell alongside David Alexander. After the latter saved himself with the Disruptor Power he won in the BB Basement, she chose The Committee ally Tyler Crispen as the replacement.

Outsider Da’Vonne Rogers won the POV and saved Kevin, forcing Dani to name another nominee. Not wanting to go against The Committee, she backdoored Ian, who became the first member of the jury.

Ian used a telescope to learn national news while in the jury house

During Ian’s second stint in the Big Brother house, several things happened in the country, including an upcoming presidential election and COVID-19 outbreaks.

However, Ian admitted he didn’t learn any surprising news after re-entering the real world in a November episode of The Dom & Colin Podcast. According to the Louisiana native, he found a telescope in the jury house and used it to focus on a television in a nearby house that played CNN.


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Ian explained he spent nights studying the TV screen and learned of President Trump’s COVID diagnosis, the death of former associate justice of the Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and the attempted kidnapping of Gretchen Whitmer, the Governor of Michigan.

However, he noted the handlers caught him and took the telescope away, which he referred to as a “sad day.” Big Brother 23 returns next summer.