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Legendary player Janelle Pierzina has established herself as the undisputed Queen of Big Brother. The only four-time competitor has been a fan-favorite over the past 15 years and still holds records for the most competition wins. Even though Janelle didn’t last long in Big Brother 22, she made it long enough to become the only houseguest to reach 200 days in the BB house.

Janelle Pierzina appears at the season finale of CBS's Big Brother 6
Janelle Pierzina appears at the season finale of CBS’s “Big Brother 6” | Kevin Winter

Janelle Pierzina made her debut in ‘Big Brother 6’

Fifteen years ago, then-Miami based cocktail waitress Janelle Pierzina first entered the Big Brother house for the sixth season. Targeted from the beginning, she ended up on the block six times.

However, the blonde bombshell survived until the final three by winning two crucial Head of Household and two Power of Veto competitions. Even though the other houseguests hated her, fans loved Jedi Jani and continually voted her to win America’s Choice.

Her popularity and impressive performance earned her a spot in the following season, All-Stars. Again, the other houseguests targeted the buxom blonde from Week 1, and she was nominated five times.

The fan-favorite competitor saved herself by winning a record-breaking four HOH and five POV competitions. However, she fell short again, placing third for the second time in a row.

Even so, her unprecedented performance and popularity won her the first America’s Favorite Houseguest award. Six years and a couple of kids later, Janelle returned for BB14 as a Coach.

Immediately after the coaches entered the game as players, BB7 champ Mike “Boogie” Malin and BB10 winner Dan Gheesling convinced then-HOH Danielle Murphy to backdoor the legend in Week 4.

Janelle Pierzina returned for ‘Big Brother 22’

Her legendary status continued to haunt her when she returned for BB22, as many houseguests immediately didn’t want to work with her. However, Janelle began working with a few “outsiders” to take down the main alliance she and longstanding ally Kaysar Ridha promptly sniffed out early.

When her ally Nicole Anthony ended up on the block during Week 2, she blamed Janelle and thought she set her up. Nicole A. began telling the “other side of the house” all of the four-time competitor’s game and made everything believe she was an evil and manipulative person.

Therefore, the other houseguests wanted her and Kaysar out of the house. Tyler Crispen nominated the longstanding allies together in Week 3, and they took the opportunity to evict the fan-favorite.

Janelle Pierzina first houseguest to reach 200 days in BB house

During Janelle’s time in the house, she has won six HOHs and seven POVs, a record recently broken by BB18 and 19’s Paul Abrahamian. She also holds the record, alongside Dani Donato Briones, Kaycee Clark, and Abrahamian, for the most POVs won in a single season with five.

Additionally, the four-time competitor lasted 76 days in BB6, 67 days in BB7, 34 days in BB14, and 23 days in BB22 bringing her total to 200 days spent in the Big Brother house. The legendary player is the first houseguest to reach this milestone.


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