‘Big Brother 22’: Janelle Pierzina Realizes the Damage Nicole Anthony Did: ‘She F****d up My Game’

In a hail mary attempt to stay in the Big Brother house last week, Nicole Anthony bashed the main people campaigning for her, Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha. After her eviction, the longstanding allies became the next targets, largely due to the things Nicole A. said about the friends before leaving the house. A couple of days before her possible eviction, Janelle realized the BB21 destroyed her game by ruining trust with the other houseguests.

Janelle Perzina poses at the KRITIK clothing launch at Casa Casaurina
Janelle Perzina poses at the KRITIK clothing launch at Casa Casaurina | Gustavo Caballero

Nicole Anthony bashed Janelle Pierzina before leaving ‘Big Brother 22’

Memphis Garrett won the second Head of Household competition and nominated Nicole Anthony and David Alexander. Even though Nicole A. hadn’t spoken to Memphis, she assumed her allies, Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha were tight with the new HOH.

Therefore, the BB21 finalist felt she shouldn’t have gotten nominated. After talking to several other houseguests, Nicole A. believed she had to campaign against Janelle and Kaysar, who were running around the house trying to gather votes for her to stay in the house.

The BB21 finalist bashed the four-time competitor to houseguests who already didn’t like Janelle and unknowingly warned the major alliance that Janelle and Kaysar pinpointed them.

Wanting to weaken the four-time competitor, the majority of the house evicted Nicole A. anyways. Since leaving the house, the BB21 finalist admitted she was wrong and apologized to Janelle and Kaysar.

Janelle Pierzina realized how Nicole Anthony ruined her ‘Big Brother 22’ game

The longstanding allies ended up on the block together the following week. After an awkward conversation with David Alexander, the four-time competitor checked in with her friend in the Key Bedroom as Janelle realized how Nicole A. sunk her game.

Janelle expressed confusion for Nicole A.’s behavior, and Kaysar stated he believes the BB21 finalist returned “in a bad headspace.” He explained Nicole A. concluded that they were “bad people” who had “some diabolic plan to screw her over.”


Therefore, she “went on a rampage” against the allies as she felt betrayed.

Janelle Pierzina thinks Nicole Anthony is ‘crazy’

A couple of hours later, the friends reconvened in the Key Bedroom, and Janelle claimed that Nicole A. “really f****d up my game.” She told Kaysar that the BB21 finalist told Nicole Franzel unsavory things the four-time competitor said and spread their speculations about alliances.

Janelle also called Nicole A. “crazy,” but Kaysar explained the BB21 finalist likely had a mental breakdown. The four-time competitor still didn’t understand because Nicole A. “trashed” their names as they scrambled to gather votes for her to stay.

Kaysar also admitted he found it confusing that the BB21 fan-favorite convinced herself they were lying to her when she saw them aggressively campaigning for her.


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Janelle thinks “something is wrong” with Nicole A., but Kaysar believes the most recent America’s Favorite Houseguest came back too soon after having a stressful experience last season.

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