‘Big Brother 22’: Janelle Pierzina Responds to Rumors That She’s a ‘Trump-Supporting Republican’

A lot of Big Brother fans on social media have argued over the fact if Janelle Pierzina is a supporter of President Donald Trump. While talking recently with her friend and fellow BB22 houseguest, Kaysar Ridha, she publically spoke on the rumors for the first time.

Janelle Pierzina
Janelle Pierzina | CBS via Getty Images

The politics of ‘Big Brother’ alumni and the Janelle rumors

Most of the time, the political-leanings of Big Brother houseguests have been like an elephant in the room. But now, given the social climate and unrest in the country, many alumni are coming forward with more liberal ideologies. Most Big Brother alumni identify as Democrats or do not speak on their political affiliations at all in order to not stir controversy.

Still, there are contestants who are very vocal about their own conservative leanings. One is Big Brother 20’s JC Mounduix, who frequently tweets about his support of Trump. Just last month Big Brother 14 star Danielle Murphree shared a post on social media which referred to Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris as an “abortion extremist.” In the past five years, she had been sharing pro-Trump sentiments, such as a tweet in 2016 that said “I’m not embarrassed at all! Anyone that knows me knows that I voted #TrumpPence16 100%!!” 

After Trump’s election, many fans began talking about Pierzina potentially supporting Trump because of tweets that she liked. The rumors resurfaced when she was cast in Big Brother 22. Many wondered if she would address anything regarding the political movement in the country right now.

Here’s what she said about the rumors in a live video with Kaysar Ridha

Heading into the season, Pierzina posted on Instagram about taking her children to a George Floyd memorial. She hashtagged the post with #blacklivesmatter. For fans, this hinted that either her politics were not what they thought or that her politics may have evolved.

In an Instagram live interview with her closest Big Brother 22 ally, Kaysar Ridha, she was asked once and for all if she was a Republican and a supporter of the president.

“I don’t know why I keep getting questions about you and your party affiliation,” said Ridha. “I don’t know if anyone was watching the feeds…you’re a libertarian.”

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“I’m a libertarian. They’re saying that I love Trump because Trump tweeted ‘God Bless America’ and I liked the tweet,” said Pierzina.

When Ridha asked why she did that, she said, “Because he said God Bless America.”

Some fans said that this made sense as she has tweeted things that align with Libertarian values. Still, others pointed out that she engaged with other Trump tweets before, including when she threw support at Murphee for her own support of Trump.

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In 2012, she also tweeted about having “conservative” views after someone asked her to stop tweeting about politics.

Though Pierzina has addressed this, her the debate around her ideologies are likely going to continue amongst fans, given that a lot of her tweets about politics are still easily accessible.