‘Big Brother 22’: Janelle Pierzina Reveals Who She Thinks Should Win the Whole Game and AFH

Janelle Pierzina is one Big Brother royalty, despite being one of the first evicted houseguests of the 22nd season. In a video sent to a fan, the Big Brother All-Star gave some predictions on who she thinks will win the top prize this season, as well as who she thinks will win a fan-voted honor.

Janelle Pierzina
Janelle Pierzina | CBS via Getty Images

Janelle Pierzina had a short stint on ‘Big Brother 22’

One of the most legendary players in Big Brother history, Janelle Pierzina was targeted early in the game because she was seen as a threat. A lot of folks thought that old school players would all align together. However, Dani Briones and Memphis Garrett decided to align with Tyler Crispen, Nicole Franzel Cody Calafiore. Pierzina’s only major ally she seemed to have was Kaysar Ridha, which was made even more clearer when Keesha Smith left in the first week.

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After Smith left, Nicole Anthony was voted out. Even though Pierzina and Ridha were trying to save Anthony, she was convinced that the two were out to sabotage her. Then when Anthony left, the target went to Pierzina and Ridha’s backs. Pierzina left the next week and Ridha left right after her. It was a short journey in the house for one of the most lauded players to ever step through the Big Brother house doors.

Janelle Pierzina’s winner prediction

In a video done via Cameo that purchased by Christopher Rahaman, Pierzina gave several predictions for the outcome of the season. According to Rahaman, he asked her who “she thinks will win” Big Brother 22, as well as who she thinks would get voted America’s Favorite Houseguest (AFH).

“I do think that Cody, Memphis, or Enzo will win,” she said in the video. Of course, Garrett is out of the house right now. One person she that she didn’t think would win is Cripsen, who is also out of the house now.

She explained, “I don’t think Tyler we’re winning and I wish he would win rather than the previous people I just named. You know, those first three people are all part of that big alliance..well actually Enzo’s not, but Memphis and Cody.”

Pierzina predicted that a man will win this season. Right now, Franzel is the only woman left. However, it seems at the time Pierzina that recorded the video, Christmas Abbott may have still been in the house.

Janelle Pierzina’s AFH prediction

“I do think a man will win this year, which is very annoying and upsetting,” she continued. “Those b*tches are so dumb. Like, ‘Let’s just vote out a bunch of women, yay! Then we’re stuck here with a bunch of guys at the end and you know, in physical competition..no big deal.’ Yeah. Stupid.”

She also gave her opinion on who she thinks will win America’s Favorite Houseguest “As far as America’s Favorite Houseguest,” she said. Oh gosh, I don’t know. who’s going to win that. Are you going to vote for me? I don’t know who would win.”

If she does win AFH, he already has a plan for the money. “I know that if I win, I’m going to donate my winnings to charity…the charity that I do work for, they have very little money right now. They’re down like 300% what they normally raise [and] because of COVID, it can’t raise money. So I’m trying to do everything I can.

Pierzina does have a few names in her head though. if I don’t win it or if Kaysar doesn’t win it, I hope Da’Vonne wins. She’s a queen. Otherwise, Ian would be fine with that too. But honestly who cares at this point? Right?”

The finale of Big Brother 22 airs Oct. 28 on CBS.