‘Big Brother 22’: Josh Martinez Posts Bittersweet Message After Report of Why He Didn’t Get Cast

The cast of Big Brother 22 has finally been revealed. One person who didn’t make the cut is Josh Martinez, who won Big Brother 19. There is a new report giving a reason why he didn’t make it into the cast.

‘Big Brother 22’ cast was revealed and Josh Martinez isn’t in it

Josh Martinez in the Big Brother house
Josh Martinez in the Big Brother house | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

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The cast of Big Brother 22 wasn’t revealed until the night of the premiere. The cast is a good mix of new and old veterans.

Nicole Franzel, Ian Terry, Da’Vonne Rogers, Kaysar Ridha, Janelle Pierzina, Dani Briones, Bayleigh Dayton, Enzo Palumbo, Cody Calafiore, Kevin Campbell, Christmas Abbott, David Alexander, Keesha Smith, Memphis Garrett, Nicole Anthony and Tyler Crispen are part of the cast this season.

Martinez might not be there, but Abbott from his season made it into the cast. She broke her foot from getting a piggy back ride that season. She managed to make it to the top three before getting evicted.

Julie Chen Moonves said people tested positive before the season

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The host waited for a long time to find out the cast of the all-star season. But casting this time changed based on test results.

“We flew in a bunch of people, more than 16,” Moonves told Us Weekly. “And some people I thought were definitely going in the house, they tested positive for COVID-19 so they couldn’t go in. And I thought, ‘Well, expect the unexpected.’ … I’ll just find out when I need to find out.”

The host teased that in some ways the cast has been through isolation before the pandemic. “We were the original quarantine,” she said. “We did this 20 years ago and it’s like, we were ahead of our time. And now we’re all living in quarantine. … It’s going to be interesting. They’ve played this game before, some of them know each other from the Big Brother world and some of them don’t. But I’m sure they’ve all heard of each other.”

He reportedly tested positive

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Martinez was reportedly one of the many former houseguests who were brought in to possibly be in the new season. But he didn’t make the cut.

TMZ reports that he tested positive for COVID-19 once. However, production sources claimed he was tested again multiple times that week and those results were negative. Producers still wanted to be safe so they didn’t cast him of the season.

Martinez was reportedly sequestered for two weeks while going through this testing. Sources claim that the reality star is healthy and doesn’t have COVID-19 so it could have been a false positive.

He has returned to Instagram and posted a selfie. “In life I’ve learned to trust God’s plan. May not see the blessing in the moment but I’m a strong believer that when one door closes it’s the universes way of preparing you for a bigger opportunity. Trusting the process and focusing on all the good. Sending love,” reads the caption.