‘Big Brother 22’: Julie Chen All but Confirms No Battle Back in Latest Eviction Interview

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Big Brother 22.]

Ever since Keesha Smith’s eviction in Big Brother 22 Week 1, several houseguests have wondered if she could return in a possible battle back competition. After hinting to it a couple of times, host Julie Chen Moonves all but confirmed this season would not have a previously evicted houseguest twist in her most recent exit interview.

Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves
‘Big Brother’ host Julie Chen Moonves | Robert Voets

Two houseguests have been evicted from ‘Big Brother 22’

Immediately after entering the Big Brother house, the all-stars had to compete for the first Head of Household. Cody Calafiore easily won the physical competition and nominated Keesha Smith and Kevin Campbell as he didn’t have a working relationship with either of them.

He spoke to Kevin a few times afterward and wanted to work with the BB11 star while Keesha rarely talked to him. Although they had one long conversation in the HOH room, it didn’t save her as the house unanimously sent her packing first.

Cody’s ally Memphis Garrett won the following Head of Household competition and nominated Nicole Anthony and her BB21 co-star David Alexander.

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He chose Nicole A. due to her not playing in the Safety Suite as he advised and picked David because he wanted the “rookie” to prove himself. Even though David didn’t campaign much, the main alliance preferred to keep him and already planned on evicting Nicole A.

Although Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha attempted to rally other “outsiders” to save their ally, the BB21 finalist stopped trusting them.

Therefore, their plan to keep her ultimately failed, and she became the second evictee.

Fans expected a Battle Back Competition in ‘Big Brother 22’

Because the last seven seasons have featured a battle back twist, many BB22 houseguests and viewers thought the same would happen in All-Stars.

Additionally, Janelle told Dani Donato Briones and Tyler Crispen that a producer informed her they would not go home to their family if evicted in the first two weeks.

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She also claimed the competitors would not return until mid-September if they are evicted pre-jury. Therefore, many other houseguests became convinced the season would feature a battle back competition.

After the first eviction, host Julie Chen Moonves teased “anything is possible” in an interview, but pointed out that Keesha had to wear her mask when evicted.

Julie Chen confirms no battle back in ‘Big Brother 22’

After Nicole A. exited the Big Brother house, the host asked her about her “confusing” gameplay and what Janelle did to upset her. The BB21 finalist admitted she allowed other people to get into her head, which caused her to think her ally set her up. However, she realized the truth too late.

Moonves then told Nicole A. about the main alliance that worked together to keep David in the house. The BB21 finalist correctly identified four of the Unusual Suspects; Nicole Franzel, Cody, Dani, and Tyler, but didn’t realize Christmas Abbott and Memphis were in it as well.

After the host filled her in, Nicole A. noted she knew something was going on because Memphis wouldn’t talk to her, and Christmas got very defensive.

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Moonves naming the alliance and giving the evictee insight into everyone’s games is a dead giveaway there will not be a battle back. In other seasons that featured a previously evicted houseguest twist, the host never gave away game-related information in exit interviews in case they returned.

However, a jury battle back competition is still possible.

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