‘Big Brother 22’: Julie Chen Moonves Hints at Possible Twist for Upcoming All-Stars Season

In May 2020, CBS stated they were hopeful they would have another season of Big Brother air by the end of the summer. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic shutting production down all across the country, many fans thought it would never happen.

Two months later, the network released a promotional video confirming the heavily rumored all-star season and announced the date for the two-hour premiere where viewers can watch the houseguests move in live. Host Julie Chen Moonves hinted at possible twists in the upcoming season in an Instagram post.

Host Julie Chen Moonves on 'Big Brother 21' two-night premiere event
Host Julie Chen Moonves on ‘Big Brother 21’ two-night premiere event | Monty Brinton

Julie Chen Moonves as host of ‘Big Brother’

While serving as the anchor for CBS Morning News, then 29-year-old Julie Chen Moonves became the host of Big Brother in 2000. Although she’s now a staple of the show, many viewers initially criticized her performance during the first season because they felt she was too scripted and had no personality. Therefore, they began calling her “Chenbot.”

Moonves has stated the nickname doesn’t bother her as she believes her stoic performance comes from her time as an anchor and frequently embraces it.

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During Season 20, several women came forward to accuse her husband, then CEO of CBS Les Moonves, of sexual assault. After the allegations, the host signed a one-year deal to come back for Season 22.

It’s unknown if she’ll continue on the show afterward.

‘Big Brother 22’ confirmed as an All-Stars season

On July 22, the potential veteran houseguests arrived in Los Angeles for COVID-19 testing and began their two-week quarantine period. The following day, CBS released a promotional video confirming the heavily rumored all-star season and revealed it would have a two-hour premiere on Aug. 5 with a live move-in.

BB22 will feature all returning players, and some winners, for the first time since 2006 when Mike “Boogie” Malin won the original All-Stars season. Because the country is still in the middle of a pandemic, CBS has promised it will follow protocols to ensure everyone’s safety.

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For example, the houseguests are being tested before they move in and will continue receiving tests weekly. Additionally, the crew will not have any contact with the houseguests, wear personal protective equipment on set, and undergo daily screening for COVID-19 related symptoms.

Julie Chen Moonves hints at possible twist in ‘Big Brother 22’

The host also confirmed the star-studded season in an Instagram post and story. She uploaded the phrase “all-stars make the game” word by word to her feed with no accompanying caption, which initially confused her followers.

However, they turned into a game and began trying to guess the rest of the sentence before she completed it. The host also uploaded a collage of the phrase and the new logo to her Twitter.

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Some fans thought she implied the houseguests returning are “game changers” who influenced the game’s current direction. Moonves could also be hinting that a few old twists will come back into the fold for the all-stars season, such as the coach twist (BB14), cliques (BB11), or the retired Pandora’s Box.

Big Brother 22 returns on Aug. 5 at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.