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Julie Chen returned as host of Big Brother 22: All-Stars. The CBS host is back for the historic season that brought back houseguests from the past. With COVID-19 still rampant across the United States, extra safety measures have been put in place which eliminated a live audience. Thursday, August 13 saw the first live show and the first evicted player. However, what caught fans’ attention was the unusual sign-off Chen had at the end of the episode.

Julie Chen
Julie Chen | CBS via Getty Images

How was the first live show?

The show started out as usual with Chen giving a recap of where things are in the game. On the block were Keesha and Kevin as Enzo didn’t end up using his Power of Veto to save either one of Cody’s nominations.

When it was time for the nominated housemates to make their pleas to their fellow castmembers, Keesha said she felt “some energy” in the house. She ends up thanking “most” of the contestant’s good luck. Kevin, on the other hand, said he doesn’t have many friends in life and had been able to connect with some in the BB house.

As Head of Household, Cody did not participate in the eviction process. Chen called each of the houseguests one by one into the Diary Room to cast their vote to evict. It was a unanimous decision that sent Keesha packing.

Before Chen revealed who the evicted housemate was, she reminded Keesha and Kevin to wear their face mask and walk directly to the empty chair for their exit interview. As the doors opened, there were no cheers from an audience or a hug from Chen. To not make the extreme silence awkward, the music played louder in the background.

Julie Chen signs off in an usual way

After Chen interviewed Keesha and played her the goodbye messages from the people that just evicted her, it was time for the HOH competition. This week, the players had to answer True or False after watching a set of videos. Chen asked a question about what they had just seen and had to answer accordingly. In the end, it was Memphis who took the key and will nominate two fellow houseguests for eviction.

Fans that have been watching Big Brother throughout the years, know the live eviction shows are formulaic. There’s a process that CBS has not dared to mess with, in a pretty long time. The script has remained the same for many seasons so when there’s a change, fans notice.

Let us all remember when Chen started signing off as Chen Moonves, using her husband’s last name.

On tonight’s show, Chen said: “Remember the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Fans react in confusion

It wasn’t long before fans tweeted during the live show that they were confused with Chen’s quote. In the comments online, viewers tried to decipher what the host meant.

“I was wondering if it’s meant as a message to the audience or to the audience about the houseguests,” a fan tweeted.


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“Reading too much into things is my specialty but what if she means the first few voted out will face off against those who evicted them?” a viewer questioned.

“I’ve got a guess — something to do with Sumner Redstone dying. But that is only a wild guess,” a Twitter user noted.

Fans will surely be eager to watch the next live show to see how Chen signs off.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.