‘Big Brother 22’: Julie Chen Thinks Dani Donato Briones Is Running the House After Being Janelle Pierzina’s ‘One Big Enemy’

A lot of Big Brother fans were sorely disappointed when longtime fan-favorite and now-four-time alumna, Janelle Pierzina, was voted off in the third week. Host Julie Chen gave some insight into the eviction in a recent interview, giving a lot of credit to Daniele “Dani” Donato Briones for Pierzina’s downfall.

Julie Chen
Julie Chen | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

‘Big Brother’ legend Janelle Pierzina was voted out of the house early

Pierzina is one of the most iconic Big Brother cast members ever, and this is why she was likely targeted early in the house. While many fans thought that old school players would all align together, two of them Briones and Memphis Garrett decided to align with Tyler Crispen and Cody Calafiore. The only full, true ally Pierzina seemed to have was Kaysar Ridha, especially after Keesha Smith left in the first week.

It started to go downhill once Smith was axed. The next week, Nicole Anthony was voted out. Though Pierzina and Ridha were trying to save Anthony was convinced they were trying to betray her. Anthony eventually left, continuing to leave a target on Pierzina and Ridha’s back. Pierzina would get evicted the following week. Now, Ridha is on the block and it looks like the time for those two in the house is truly up.

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Julie Chen says All-Star in particular that is running the house right now

Though Briones was not the Head of Household and was not the one who necessarily orchestrated Pierzina to be voted out, she is a part of the alliance that had their sights set on her and Pierzina. Briones made it especially clear in the house that she wanted to take Pierzina out.

Still, Briones was one of the two votes that got cast in Pierzina’s favor. But both votes were not intended as pity votes, but instead were to cast the blame on someone else to stir things up. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Chen talked about how she was surprised by Briones’ vote before realizing what was going on. “At first, I thought Dani was throwing a vote to spare Janelle just so Dani wouldn’t become the target of a hate campaign from Janelle’s fiercely loyal fan base,” she said. “Then I thought no, she did it to pin it on someone else so she can take out another strong player.”

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Chen also stated that she thinks Briones’ cleverness at helping oust Pierzina put her in a good position within the house. “It doesn’t matter how legendary you are,” she explained. All it takes to be taken down is one bad enemy. Dani, in my opinion, was that one big enemy. Dani is quite clever. Even without winning any competitions yet, she’s kind of running the house with her skillful way of planting seeds in people’s heads and letting those people do what they do and then Dani gets what she wants.”

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