‘Big Brother 22’: A Houseguest Passed Out Due To Slop While Live Feeds Were Down

Big Brother 22 didn’t have the usual Have and Have-Not competitions in which losers are punished with a repulsive food known as “slop” and cold showers. Instead, each outgoing Have-Not had the opportunity to select their replacement. As a result of the strictly-slop diet, one houseguest revealed he passed out while the Live Feeds were down.

Big Brother - Houseguest Judd prepares food before the first Power of Veto Competition
Big Brother – Houseguest Judd prepares food before the first Power of Veto Competition | Monty Brinton

Kevin Campbell placed third in ‘Big Brother 11’

California-based ad agency executive Kevin Campbell competed on Big Brother 11 as part of the “offbeat clique.” He flew under the radar until popular contestant Jeff Schroeder nominated him during Week 7.

The California native successfully convinced the then-Head of Household that another houseguest wanted him out of the game, and Jeff vetoed him off the block.

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Kevin then won HOH the following week and nominated Jeff alongside his showmance, Jordan Lloyd, and cast the sole vote to evict him due to a tie. Kevin’s ally became the next HOH, and she put him on the block to hide they were working together.

The California native won the Power of Veto, saving himself from eviction, and went on to win Part 1 in the final HOH competition. However, he failed to win the third, and eventual champion Jordan chose to evict him, perceiving Kevin as the bigger threat.

Kevin Campbell became the third member of the jury in ‘Big Brother 22’

Unlike his original season, Kevin immediately began on the bottom as he found himself nominated the first week. Even though he survived, his closest and only ally, Nicole Anthony, went home the following week.

Kevin was nominated again during Week 4, but he won the Power of Veto, saving himself. After his Veto win, the returning player began positioning himself closer with Bayleigh Dayton, Da’Vonne Rogers, and David Alexander.

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However, they remained at the bottom and found themselves nominated week after week. Da’Vonne saved Kevin during Week 6 with the POV, and they attempted to flip the house by voting to evict Tyler Crispen.

It didn’t work, and Kevin followed Da’Vonne out the door as the first sent out during the triple eviction.

Kevin Campbell says he passed out while a Have-Not on slop

In addition to being nominated five times, Kevin was a Have-Not his first and last week in the house. Those who are Have-Nots can only take cold showers, sleep in less than desirable conditions, and eat slop, a mixture similar to oatmeal that’s designed not to taste good.

In an Oct. 29 Instagram Live with BB21 star Kathryn Dunn, the two-time competitor explained the slop ingredients were separated instead of already mixed as in previous seasons.

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Therefore, the Have-Nots had the option of only eating the oats. However, the oats by themselves are not “nutritious.” The California native described being on slop as “no joke” and revealed he “fainted” from only eating the oats at one point.

According to Kevin, he woke up on the floor to a producer checking on him over the intercom. The two-time competitor also said the production crew told him they “cut the feeds” so the viewers at home wouldn’t see what happened. Big Brother returns for season 23 in summer 2021.

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