‘Big Brother 22’ Live Feeds Spoiler: Two Houseguests Made an Alliance on the First Night

[SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers from the first night of ‘BB22’ live feeds.]

After the Big Brother 22: All-Stars premiere, houseguests began to scatter as they wanted to get to know each other better and figure out who they wanted to work with to further their game. Two players already cemented an alliance on the first night.

Host Julie Chen on CBS series Big Brother 19
Host Julie Chen on CBS series ‘Big Brother 19’ | Bill Inoshita

‘Big Brother 22: All-Stars’ returned with a two-hour premiere

After many people feared the CBS reality competition series wouldn’t air amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it returned with a two-hour premiere that included a live move-in for the first time in the regular series’ history. Additionally, the star-studded cast was revealed during the premiere.

Janelle Pierzina (BB6 and 7 finalist, 14), Kaysar Ridha (BB6, 7), Dani Donato Briones (BB8 runner-up, BB13), Memphis Garrett (BB10 runner-up), Keesha Smith (BB10), Kevin Campbell (BB11 finalist), Enzo Palumbo (BB12), Ian Terry (BB15 winner), Cody Calafiore (BB16), Da’Vonne Rogers (BB17 and 18), Christmas Abbott (BB19), Tyler Crispen (BB20), Nicole Franzel (BB18 champ), Bayleigh Dayton (BB20), Nicole Anthony (BB21 finalist), and David Alexander (BB21) all returned where they immediately competed for Head of Household after entering the house.

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Cody ended up claiming the title for the week with Ian, Nicole A., Kevin, and Memphis becoming the season’s first Have-Nots. Christmas won $5,000 during the competition.

Nicole Franzel seemingly aligned with Dani Donato Briones

A few hours after the premiere, Nicole F. and Dani privately spoke in the Photo Room. The BB18 champ admitted she wanted to make amends with Da’Vonne and likes Christmas.

She also made a disgusted face after Dani told her that several houseguests were “fangirling” over Kaysar and Janelle, who initially competed 15 years ago. The two also gossipped about David returning, who went home first last season.

Additionally, Nicole F. revealed she received a direct message from Nicole Anthony about appearing on her podcast, but the BB18 champ didn’t open it. Dani claimed she also got a DM but “ghosted” the fan-favorite.

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They both admitted they didn’t think the season 21’s finalist would return and have two Nicoles on the show. The ladies also talked about Tyler getting caught off guard because he thought his close ally and BB20 winner Kaycee Clark would be a part of the cast until he entered the house.

Nicole F. explained that Christmas is here for BB17 champ Josh Martinez and Tyler served as an alternate for his ally before the feeds cut, interrupting their conversation.

Nicole Franzel and Ian Terry officially made an alliance

At around 2 a.m., Ian and Nicole F. met up in the storage closet where they allied because they’re the only winners in the house. They asked each other who they “feel good about,” and Ian stated he vibes well with Kevin, Memphis, and Cody.

However, they were interrupted and stopped talking. The two reconvened a few hours later, but Christmas came into the storage closet, so they ended their conversation.

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While Ian continues to get close with Kevin and Memphis, the BB18 champ has set her sights on an all-girls alliance with Dani, Christmas, and Da’Vonne. She also aligned with the current Head of Household, Cody.

Big Brother 22: All-Stars airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.