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Big Brother 10 runner-up Memphis Garrett became the first houseguest never to receive a jury vote. However, he aimed to change that by returning for All-Stars, where he played a much more aggressive game by quickly forming a large alliance and winning several competitions. In a conversation with another houseguest, Memphis revealed he formed the dominant coalition before the season began.

Second place contestant Memphis Garrett,  Dan Gheesling, the winner of the Big Brother Season 10 Grand Finale and host Julie Chen
Second place contestant Memphis Garrett, Dan Gheesling, the winner of the Big Brother Season 10 Grand Finale and host Julie Chen | Frederick M. Brown

Memphis Garrett returned for ‘Big Brother 22’

Over 10 years ago, Colorado-based mixologist Memphis Garrett competed on Big Brother 10 and ended up on the block during the fourth week. Dan Gheesling, who served as America’s Player that week, flipped the vote to evict Jessie Godderz, the viewers’ target, over Memphis.

Dan then created a secret alliance with the mixologist, “The Renegades,” which they hid by nominating each other later in the game. Although Memphis never won an HOH, he snagged three Power of Vetos, saving himself from the block twice.

He and Dan made it to the final two together, where he unanimously lost, becoming the first player never to receive a jury vote in the U.S. franchise’s history. Memphis returned 12 seasons later for All-Stars to prove himself as a good BB player.

Memphis started majority alliance ‘The Committee’

On the first day of BB22, Memphis proposed a final two deal with BB16 runner-up Cody Calafiore, “The Commission.” He then individually approached Christmas Abbott, Tyler Crispen, Nicole Franzel, and Dani Briones to create “The Committee,” which served as additional protection for himself and Cody.

He and his alliance maintained control in the house by winning all but one HOH comps, including Memphis, who brought home three. The Committee officially ended during Week 9 when the houseguests underwent an unprecedented triple eviction.

However, Memphis prepared himself beforehand by creating two separate versions of the same alliance with Enzo Palumbo: one with Cody and the other involving Christmas.

He then won the first half of the triple, and his target David Alexander joined the jury as planned. Memphis survived the triple and has managed to avoid the block so far.

Memphis created The Committee before the season began

Cody became the Head of Household in Week 9 and nominated Tyler and Christmas for eviction. The BB20 star had multiple conversations with the remaining houseguests in an attempt to stay in the house.

Memphis straight up told Tyler he would probably vote to evict the fan-favorite due to his physical prowess in competitions. He later opened up to the former runner-up about how he created The Committee and revealed he figured the alliance out before the season started while in sequester.


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Memphis explained he wrote the name down on a notecard and aimed to work with five people he didn’t ally with previously. Additionally, he knew he wanted to keep the alliance a secret by ensuring all six members were never in the same room.

Many fans believe he opened up to Tyler about his game as a move to secure his jury vote. Because Memphis founded The Committee, which dominated the entire season, and personally won multiple competitions, he could have a chance to win against any of the remaining houseguests. Big Brother 22: All-Stars airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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