‘Big Brother 22’: Memphis Garrett Picked This Houseguest for a Have-Not Because He Wants to ‘Break’ Him

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for ‘Big Brother 22.’]

After the first Have-Nots of Big Brother 22: All-Stars were randomly selected, they were able to choose their replacements for the second week. Reigning Head of Household Memphis Garrett admitted he picked David Alexander because he wanted the returning player to “lose it.”

Second place contestant Memphis Garrett,  Dan Gheesling, the winner of the Big Brother Season 10 Grand Finale and host Julie Chen
Second place contestant Memphis Garrett, Dan Gheesling, the winner of the “Big Brother Season 10 Grand Finale” and host Julie Chen | Frederick M. Brown

Memphis Garrett one of the first Have-Nots of ‘Big Brother 22’

Immediately after entering the BB house, the all-stars went head-to-head in the season’s first Head of Household competition. Cody Calafiore easily won, snagging the luxurious room for the week.

After his win, the five other competitors he went against had to randomly draw envelopes that revealed if they were a Have-Not for the first week. Christmas Abbott selected the $5,000 envelope leaving Nicole Anthony, Kevin Campbell, Ian Terry, and Memphis Garrett as the season’s first Have-Nots.

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They must crawl through a hole to get into their secluded room and can only eat slop. While Memphis and Kevin seemingly handled it well, the change in food messed up Ian and Nicole’s stomachs as they vomited several times.

Even though the slop didn’t bother Memphis, the bed did not fit his frame resulting in restless sleep. 

Memphis Garrett won his first Head of Household competition

As a Have-Not, the BB10 runner-up went to work, creating an alliance with Cody, Christmas, Nicole Franzel, Dani Donato Briones, and Tyler Crispen he dubbed the “Unusual Suspects.”

He then won the following HOH competition, his first-ever, keeping his new alliance in power. The BB10 star already thought about nominating Bayleigh Dayton and Ian Terry, his target, before becoming the HOH.

However, he began thinking about putting up David Alexander and Nicole Anthony as neither have strong connections to anyone in the house. Several concerned houseguests entered the HOH room to ask Memphis, who he considered nominating.

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He remained tight-lipped to almost everyone and encouraged them to compete in the Safety Suite competition. Memphis also requested a few Unusual Suspects members play for safety so no one would think they were working together.

Christmas chose to participate as she couldn’t compete in the majority of competitions during her season due to a broken leg, and came out with the win.

She chose to save Ian as she and Nicole F. correctly felt Memphis would target the BB14 champ.

Memphis Garrett chose David Alexander as a Have-Not to ‘break’ him

After the BB10 runner-up became the new HOH, but before the Safety Suite competition, the former Have-Nots picked a new houseguest to take their place. Nicole A. chose Christmas, Kevin picked Kaysar Ridha, Nicole F. volunteered so Ian wouldn’t have to select anyone, and Memphis “aggressively” decided on David.

It’s unclear exactly what Memphis said, but several houseguests discussed it afterward and felt it was harsh. Tyler described it as “savage,” and Dani called his speech “nasty and ugly.”

While having a conversation with another houseguest after showing everyone his room, Memphis admitted he nominated David because he wanted to see the returning player “break down.”

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Additionally, he noted he wanted to see if the BB21 star “loses it” while on slop and then laughed about it. His words rubbed fans the wrong way as they feel his decision might be racially motivated.

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