‘Big Brother 22’: Nicole Franzel Laughed Until She Peed Her Pants on Kitchen Floor

Returning winner Nicole Franzel literally laughed so hard she peed her pants during Week 11 of Big Brother 22: All-Stars.

Nicole Franzel on the season premiere of Big Brother
Nicole Franzel on the season premiere of Big Brother | Bill Inoshita

Nicole Franzel returned for ‘Big Brother 22’

In 2014, recent nursing graduate from Ubly, Michigan, Nicole Franzel, debuted on Big Brother 16. She proved herself a competition threat, winning three Head of Household competitions and two Battle of the Blocks.

During Week 7, she ended up on the block due to her friend backstabbing her and was evicted. However, Nicole won her way back into the house the following week before the houseguests unanimously evicted her again during a double eviction.

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She returned for BB18 and played a much different game after winning the first HOH. Nicole laid low with showmance Corey Brooks and avoided the block until the final nominations.

The Ubly native then convinced Paul Abrahamian to take her to the final two, where she became the first female to defeat a male. Many fans felt Paul deserved the BB16 win. Therefore, Nicole returned for Big Brother 22: All-Stars to prove herself and attempt to become the first two-time winner.

Nicole survived the block twice during triple eviction

In BB22, the returning champ quickly made a final two pact with BB16 co-star Cody Calafiore and outside friend Dani Briones. The three of them, including Enzo Palumbo, made up the Core Four.

Nicole also created an alliance with Ian Terry, the only other returning winner, and made a four-person pact with Cody and Dani to make him feel safe. Additionally, Memphis Garrett invited Nicole, Dani, and Cody alongside Christmas Abbott and Tyler Crispen into The Committee.

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The six-person alliance and Enzo ended up dominating the season, taking home all the HOHs, which protected Nicole for the majority of the game. During the triple eviction, the dominant coalition had to turn on each other.

Memphis won the first HOH and nominated Nicole alongside his target, David Alexander, who went home. The returning winner ended up on the block again shortly after, and she unanimously survived against Dani.

Nicole laughed until she peed her pants

Two weeks after the triple eviction, Nicole won her first HOH competition of the season. Still aligned with Enzo and Cody, she nominated Christmas and Memphis, the latter of which she wanted out of the house.

Her allies listened and evicted the other Wise Guy. The following week, during Enzo’s second HOH reign, the remaining four houseguests hung out in the kitchen. Enzo still had toilet paper attached to him, causing the players to burst out laughing, namely Nicole.

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She then doubled over and admitted she “peed her pants,” making the other houseguests laugh harder. Cody, Enzo, and Christmas all came over to check out the small puddle she created on the floor before she ran to the bathroom to take a shower.

Although Nicole hasn’t done it in a while, she has a history of peeing her pants when laughing too hard, as it happened twice during her first season. While some fans found it funny and admitted they could relate, others began calling her an “adult baby.” Big Brother 22: All-Stars airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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