‘Big Brother 22’: Tyler Crispen Says He Wants To Sacrifice Himself To Save the Two Nominees

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Big Brother 22.]

After the Big Brother 22 Week 5 Power of Veto competition, Tyler Crispen seemingly sacrificed himself for Bayleigh Dayton and Da’Vonne Rogers because he wants to “stand for something bigger.”

Tyler Crispen of the television show Big Brother bowls during the 2019 State Farm Chris Paul PBA Celebrity Invitational
Tyler Crispen of the television show Big Brother bowls during the 2019 State Farm Chris Paul PBA Celebrity Invitational | Bob Levey

A few houseguests wanted Christmas Abbott to backdoor Tyler Crispen

After a close battle, Christmas Abbott became the Head of Household for Week 5. She nominated Bayleigh Dayton and Da’Vonne Rogers because they weren’t in her alliance, and she perceived them as a pair.

The HOH also didn’t want Bayleigh on the jury because she believed the BB20 star would vote emotionally, an idea Dani Donato Briones, Nicole Franzel, and Tyler Crispen told her several times over the past couple of weeks.

Last week, Tyler told Da’Vonne that Dani and Nicole were targeting her and Bayleigh, a warning her ally also received from Ian Terry. However, the BB14 champ backpedaled, so Da’Vonne revealed Tyler as her source.

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Dani then threw the BB20 runner-up under the bus and claimed he pitted the girls against each other.

Therefore, Da’Vonne, Dani, Bayleigh, and Nicole all approached Christmas with a plan to backdoor Tyler as they promised they would have the votes to evict him.

However, the HOH has a final two deal with the BB20 runner-up, so she shot the idea down.

Tyler Crispen already said he wasn’t having a good time

A couple of weeks ago, Tyler told Ian that he initially rejected the offer to return for All-Stars, but his girlfriend and BB20 star Angela Rummans called the production crew behind his back and said he would compete.

He described his current situation in the house as “stuck.” Last week, Tyler admitted he wasn’t enjoying himself this season.

In a conversation with David Alexander, he stated he felt “too much pressure” and doesn’t like that others “admire” him for being a “good manipulator and liar.”

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Additionally, Tyler claimed he doesn’t enjoy the “premise” of the show and hates “crushing people’s dreams” to benefit himself. David pointed out that everyone “signs up for it,” but the BB20 star admitted it “gets to you more than you think it does.”

After Bayleigh’s nomination, she confronted Ian over the rumors he spread about Dani and Nicole coming for them. The conversation apparently made Ian feel bad, and he reportedly told Nicole he wanted to self-evict.

Tyler relayed the situation to Cody and explained he also didn’t want to get involved with any drama and would leave if “s**t starts happening.” 

Tyler Crispen said he wanted to get backdoored and go home

Christmas ended up winning the Power of Veto and seemed adamant about not using it and “letting the house decide.” However, Tyler approached Bayleigh and Da’Vonne in the Have-Not room and apologized to the ladies for thinking they didn’t trust him when they did and admitted he’s “starting to self-sabotage.”

The BB20 runner-up then explained that he’s a “competitor” but wants to stand for something bigger than himself, creating a “clash” between his mind and heart.

After seeing how badly the ladies want to remain in the competition, Tyler admitted he “feels bad” because he doesn’t care about it as much. Therefore, the BB20 runner-up offered to ask Christmas to use the POV on one of the allies and backdoor him so that he could go home.

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Bayleigh and Da’Vonne thanked Tyler for his sacrifice and called it “the most courageous thing” they’ve seen anyone do on the show. The BB20 runner-up later spoke to Christmas for a couple of hours, but the cameras wouldn’t allow Live Feeders to watch the conversation.

A few hours later, Christmas spoke to Da’Vonne and explained she wanted to put Tyler up, but he asked them not to reveal the real story behind his decision. The two then discussed how they could backdoor him without upsetting the rest of the house.

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