‘Big Brother 22’ Week 4 Live Feed Spoiler: Who Is the New Head of Household?

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Big Brother 22.]

Following the third eviction of Big Brother 22: All-Stars, the houseguests faced off in the new Head of Household competition. With Tyler Crispen unable to compete, the main alliance looked to retain power while Kaysar Ridha wanted to turn the game upside down with a win. After a close competition, Enzo Palumbo came out on top as the new HOH for Week 4. Shortly after winning, he already spoke with close ally Cody Calafiore about who he wanted to nominate.

HOH competition Get Your Putt In Gear on the first-ever celebrity edition of Big Brother
HOH competition “Get Your Putt In Gear” on the first-ever celebrity edition of Big Brother | Sonja Flemming

Tyler Crispen nominated Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha for eviction

The main alliance maintained control for the third week in a row as Tyler Crispen became the new Head of Household. His alliance wanted him to nominate Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha, but he knew they were larger targets than himself.

Tyler ended up siding with his allies and putting the friends on the block even though he had Memphis Garrett and Da’Vonne Rogers on his mind. His ally Cody Calafiore then won the Power of Veto, ensuring either of the targets would go home by the end of the week.

Janelle Pierzina became the third evictee

After Janelle and Kaysar lost Keesha Smith Week 1, they desperately wanted to save Nicole Anthony because they needed her as a number. However, the BB21 finalist blamed the allies for her nomination as she thought they were close to then-Head of Household Memphis Garrett.

Additionally, Nicole A. began listening to people who convinced her that Janelle and Kaysar were manipulating her and turned on them. While the allies fought to save her, Nicole A. promised everyone she would nominate Janelle and Kaysar if she stayed in the house.

The BB21 finalist also unknowingly warned the other side that the two were friends on to them. The houseguests evicted Nicole A. anyways, but her campaign against Janelle and Kaysar, along with the main alliance already wanting them out, painted the friends as the next targets.

Perceiving Janelle as the biggest threat, the houseguests voted to evict the legendary player.

Enzo Palumbo is the ‘Big Brother 22’ Week 4 HOH

The all-stars faced off in the next HOH competition immediately following Janelle’s eviction. After what Tyler described as a “nail biter,” BB12 star Enzo Palumbo emerged with the key around his neck for his first HOH win.

Although the Meow Meow is connected to the majority alliance in the game, he’s stated before that he’s looking to make a big move. After finding out that Dani Donato Briones is the one who brought up the rumor about Da’Vonne trying to flip the votes in Week 2, Enzo claimed he would backdoor the BB8 runner-up.


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Shortly after winning the HOH competition, he immediately conferred with final two partner Cody and stated he would nominate Kaysar and a pawn. If the BB7 star won POV and took himself off the block, Enzo said he would backdoor Ian Terry because the BB15 winner never talks game to him. The BB12 star will make his nominations tomorrow.

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