‘Big Brother 22’: Which Houseguests Have Already Won America’s Favorite Player?

Houseguests of Big Brother can win money for winning over the jury, being runner-up, and getting voted as America’s Favorite Player. There are a few cast members this all-star season who already won the $25,000 prize. These four houseguests have a chance of winning the prize for a second time.

1. Janelle Pierzina

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Janelle Pierzina was the first person to receive the America’s Favorite Houseguest prize for Big Brother All-Stars. She talked to The Hollywood Reporter about what is the key to winning over the fans.

“They like someone who makes big moves,” she said. “If that big move is sitting back and doing nothing, then own up to it in the diary room. The diary room is a huge factor because that’s where you tell America what your game plan is.”

She continued, “If the audience sees that and can relate to it then you can win them over. Be gracious with America because they are the voters. When I did my first season, I did not think America would like me. It’s funny because when you do your first season you are insecure and you don’t know what to expect.”

2. Keesha Smith

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Keesha Smith managed to get in fourth place on Big Brother 10. This was after she orchestrated a blindside and worked closely with Memphis Garrett’s alliance, The Renegades. She won America’s Choice Jury Prize, which also comes with $25,000.

3. Tyler Crispen

Tyler Crispen on 'Big Brother'
Tyler Crispen on ‘Big Brother’ | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

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Tyler Crispen controlled Big Brother 20 because he had so many final two deals. It paid off with him going to the end with Kaycee Clark. But she won with the votes of 5 – 4.

He did win America’s Favorite Player and was shocked by this. He explained to TV Guide why he didn’t expect it.

“There was just something in me that was like, okay, you’re playing the game but there’s something not right,” he said. “America probably doesn’t like you. I don’t know, it just kept coming into my head. There are a lot of things that come into your head in that house when you have no connection to anything.”

4. Nicole Anthony

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Nicole Anthony was the last person to make it into jury on Big Brother 21. But she did walk away with a check by being America’s favorite. She talked about being overwhelmed by the win.

“It’s better than anything I could have ever wished for or dreamed of,” she told Parade. “I sat in my bed last night overcome with emotion. I’m in that house, and I’m just Nicole from Long Island, doing my thing. I’m a girl living in a house doing my best. I don’t think of myself as anything more than that.”

Jeff Schroeder has won America’s Favorite Player twice. Only time will tell if any of these houseguests will be able to achieve the same accomplishment.