‘Big Brother 22’: Why Da’Vonne Rogers Might Actually Win This Season

Big Brother is back. After some confusion about whether it would still be able to film amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the hit reality show is back with some of the fans’ favorite cast members ever, including Da’Vonne Rogers. Rogers has come up short, not once but twice, on the show but this year may be the time she takes home the money.

Da'Vonne Rogers
Da’Vonne Rogers | Vincent Sandoval/Getty Images

Da’Vonne’s time on ‘Big Brother’

Rogers first appeared on Big Brother 17. She quickly made it clear that she was going to be one of the big personalities in the house. She became friends with Jason Roy, who she stayed loyal to until she was sent home. The two joined the Holly Rollers alliance. Her headstrong attitude and ability to confront people made her a target in the house. She was sent home on week two with a vote of 7 to 2.

Luckily for Rogers, her short time on the show was enough to earn her the role of fan-favorite and she was brought back for Big Brother 18. That go around, she formed several alliances but was eventually backdoored in week six by Paul Abrahamian. She finished 11th and became the first member of the jury.

Why Da’Vonne may win this year

Rogers first stint on the show saw her as the underdog. She wasn’t on the show long and was quickly targeted. On her second season, she lasted in the house much longer and made a bigger impact. If history repeats itself, Rogers could go even further this year.

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“People pray for an opportunity to play this game once,” Rogers told Entertainment Tonight. “I’ve played twice and now I’m back for a third time. If history is writing itself, then I’ve experienced what it’s like to be in pre-jury, I’ve experienced what it’s like to be a jury member. It’s time to win. That’s the way to make the story come full circle. I’m ready.”

And this time, she wants a win more than ever.

“I want to win so bad, and it’s not from ‘I have a point to prove,’ it’s more so I love this game so much and I’ve loved this game since I was a child. Watching this with my grandmother and growing up on it… Like I told Julie when I was evicted in season 18, I would play this game again and again and again and again.”

She already proved herself as one of the top contenders on last night’s premiere. In her group of four entering the house, Rogers was the only one who could complete the initial task and compete to be the Head of Household, though she ultimately lost the title to Cody Calafiore.

What is Da’Vonne doing differently this season?

To prepare for this season, Rogers has been working out and studying the game. Since her first stint on Big Brother, she has also competed on two seasons of MTV’s The Challenge, which has helped develop her gameplay even more.

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“This time, I’m like, go in there and live in the moment,” she said. “Goal No. 1: Go in there and shut up. Goal No. 2: Play beat by beat by beat. And when the twists come, be able to easily adapt.”