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When Big Brother 23 kicked off, Azah Awasum developed a “middle school crush” on Xavier Prather. However, he doesn’t want to get involved in a showmance and seemingly has eyes for another ally, Alyssa Lopez. Following the Week 8 nominations, Azah claimed she’s ready to get over him.

Azah Awasum and Xavier Prather pose for 'Big Brother 23' cast photo
‘Big Brother 23’ houseguests, Azah Awasum and Xavier Prather | Cliff Lipson/CBS/Getty Images

Azah Awasum admitted she had a ‘middle school crush’ on Xavier Prather

During Week 4, Head of Household Christian Birkenberger nominated the unattached Whitney Williams, who nearly everyone agreed should go that week. Azah Awasum admitted she wanted her out of the house for other reasons, revealing she had a “middle school crush” on Xavier Prather and felt Whitney spent too much time with him.

Claiming she preferred not to “share,” Azah said she planned on targeting Whitney since Week 1. Before the Power of Veto, during the Aug. 12 episode, Azah sat down with her Cookout ally and admitted crushing on him. She explained it made her feel “like a little kid” because she found herself getting jealous over him.

Xavier initially acted shy but later called her “stunning” and compared her to a “goddess” who also has “an amazing personality” during his Diary Room session. Even so, the attorney insisted he didn’t come to the show to find love but win the money. Therefore, he still wants to stick to his “Operation No Mance” as he doesn’t want to get distracted.

He seemingly has eyes for Alyssa Lopez

Even though Xavier claimed he had no desire to get into a showmance, he later admitted his attraction to former King’s teammate and close ally outside of the Cookout, Alyssa Lopez.

Speaking to Hannah Chaddha, he called her “mad cute” and claimed he would’ve taken her to the final two if she had “a Black parent” or “a little melanin,” as she would have likely become a member of their alliance. Additionally, Xavier noted they developed a good friendship, and he found her attractive, causing him to believe he could get “in trouble” with her.

He also admitted he got “too concerned” when she landed on the block during the first week. Therefore, Xavier claimed he urged the showmance between her and former King’s captain, Christian. As the guys are friends, Xavier noted he wouldn’t cross the line.

Other houseguests, including other Cookout allies Tiffany Mitchell, Hannah, and Azah, have noticed he might have more interest in Alyssa than friendship.

Azah says she’s ready to ‘move forward’ 

Last week, the Cookout females wanted to keep Derek X., believing he served their game better. Additionally, he gave Azah an “extremely convincing” campaign which caused her to double-check with Xavier about getting him out that week.

Wanting revenge for Christian’s backdoor, Xavier cuddled up with her and convinced her that sending Derek X. to jury better served the Cookout. However, as rumors surrounding Xavier’s true feelings for his allies have circled the house, Azah privately spoke to Big D and admitted she wanted to get over her crush on their ally.


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She explained she signed up for the show to “play” the game and should start but feels she’s “lost sight of it” as she focused on Xavier. According to Azah, she realized that he might not have the same feelings she has for him and prefers men who “pursue” her.

However, she has noticed Xavier doesn’t. Therefore, Azah claimed she should “move forward.” Big D agreed with her, noting he’s “just something to look at” while they’re in the house, and encouraged her not to worry about him. Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.