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[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Big Brother 23 Week 10 Head of Household, nominations, and Power of Veto competitions.]

Following the first double eviction of the season, the now dismantled Cookout battled for power in the upcoming Head of Household and safety in the iconic BB Comics Power of Veto competition. Who won, and will they change the nominations?

Hannah Chaddha poses for 'Big Brother 23' cast photo
‘Big Brother 23’ houseguest, Hannah Chaddha | Cliff Lipson/CBS/Getty Images

Kyland Young nominated Tiffany Mitchell and Hannah Chaddha for eviction

After successfully making it to the final six as planned, The Cookout had to turn on each other. Although he claims it was by accident, Kyland Young became the outgoing Head of Household, his third of the season.

In a conversation with final two partner Derek “Big D” Frazier, he admitted he wanted to target Tiffany Mitchell. He later told the cameras he had to turn on her, as they have a final two agreement because he preferred to go to the end with someone he perceived as the strongest competitor, deeming it Xavier Prather.

During a conversation with Xavier, the HOH decided to nominate Tiffany alongside her close ally Hannah Chaddha, guaranteeing one would leave that week. After hinting to Hannah that she was his pawn, Kyland went through with it, nominating the ladies alongside each other.

Tiffany has realized she’s the target and plans to fight in the house. However, she’s content with the history she and The Cookout made this season.

Kyland won BB Comics Veto and probably won’t change his nominations

Before the Power of Veto competition, Kyland and Big D talked about the importance of Tiffany not winning. Although the two knew the rest would evict Hannah if that happened, they still preferred successfully sending his target to the jury.

Kyland won the iconic BB Comics POV competition, all but guaranteeing Tiffany’s eviction as he probably will not change his nominations and backdoor anyone.

Hannah knows she’s on the bottom and privately told the cameras last night that she needed to win HOH and go after the guys, likely Xavier and Kyland, or she would join Tiffany in the jury house next.

She has realized the men are sticking together, along with Azah Awasum, who has a close friendship with Big D and a “middle school crush” on Xavier. Kyland doesn’t have a reason to target Tiffany, and many believe he’s doing so to affirm his loyalty to Xavier, who he wants to sit next to at the end.

Xavier Prather seems poised to win ‘Big Brother 23’

Toward the beginning of the competition, Cookout member Xavier aligned with the other guys, Kyland and Big D, including a final two with the latter. Despite presenting a physical threat and clearly throwing competitions, he seemed protected on all sides, and no one mentioned him as a target.

His name started getting tossed around when he and Alyssa were the strongest duo remaining but managed to avoid eviction with the help of the Cookout. Now that the game has turned individual as the alliance made it to the final six, Xavier has upped his social game.


‘Big Brother 23’ Spoiler: Tiffany and Hannah Make Their Final Two Official

As he and Big D have had a final two since the show’s beginnin:g, he doesn’t have a reason to betray the lawyer. Additionally, Azah considers Xavier a great player and wouldn’t mind losing to him in the end. Even though Kyland previously made a final two with Tiffany, claiming he wanted to face the jury next to her, the HOH changed his mind, opting to take Xavier to the end.

The only people targeting the lawyer, Tiffany, and Hannah, will likely leave the competition in the following weeks. Those remaining have no interest in going after Xavier, almost guaranteeing his win. Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7 Central on CBS.