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There are many models in Big Brother 23. But there is only one person who has made Sports Illustrated history. Here is the houseguest who made an important first and her strategy to win this season.

How Christie Valdiserri lost her hair before ‘Big Brother’

Christie Valdiserri opened up about losing her hair from alopecia in 2016. “I really thought the first patch was nothing,” she told Onward State. “And then, as it progressed, I still believed it was nothing. I felt invincible that this wouldn’t take over my whole head and it’s going to pass.”

She then added, “Just like anyone who has something like this happen to them, you’re in denial. I truly didn’t believe it was going to happen.”

She eventually lost her hair and struggled to stay confident through her dance career. Eventually, she auditioned to be in Sports Illustrated. 

“I thought, ‘That’s it, this is the time to make a point,’” she explained. “This is clearly my calling. It was my calling to be bald and spread awareness because I really had thought in my heart it was going to grow in and be over with.”

This ‘Big Brother 23’ cast member made Sports Illustrated history

Valdiserri became Sports Illustrated’s first bald model. She talked about being shocked by her journey in a video for Sports Illustrated.

“When I was back in college, I would have never envisioned my life to be where it is now,” she said. “Because I had hair, I knew myself as a blonde girl. I initially moved to New York to pursue dance. And now I live in Los Angeles, and I’m bald and shooting for Sports Illustrated.”

Valdiserri said people aren’t noticing her bald look but her strength. The dancer said people in her life have kept her grounded through the hard times. 

Christie Valdiserri revealed her ‘Big Brother’ strategy

Host Julie Chen Moonves stands on stage holding a card on 'Big Brother'
Host Julie Chen Moonves on the Live Eviction show #8 on ‘Big Brother’ | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

‘Big Brother 23’: How Fans Will Be Included in the New Season

The new houseguest was asked what her strategy is to win the grand prize this season. She started by going with her instinct.

“Following my gut and being myself,” Valdiserri said. “I plan to get to know all of the personality types and attempt to understand what each of them respond well to. I also plan to use my hair loss secret to my advantage! Another strategy is to kick some of these dude’s a– in the physical games and literally not give up even when I want to!”

It sounds like she doesn’t plan to tell the other houseguests about her hair loss. Time will tell if she’ll manage to keep that secret for very long. It’s also very possible she’ll do well at the physical competitions given her dancing background.