‘Big Brother 23’ Episode 11 Recap: Christian Makes His Nominations and Wildcard Winner Is Safe Until Jury

[SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers from Big Brother 23 Episode 11.]

During Big Brother 23 Episode 11, the Wildcard Winner earned the biggest advantage given in the game yet. Additionally, newly crowned Head of Household Christian Birkenberger made his nominations for eviction, ultimately deciding to target someone his team felt posed the biggest threat to them moving forward.

Houseguest Christian Birkenberger on 'Big Brother 23'
Houseguest Christian Birkenberger on ‘Big Brother 23’ | Cliff Lipson/CBS/Getty Images

Claire Rehfuss won Wildcard and faced with the decision to receive safety until the jury phase

Following Brent Champagne’s unanimous eviction, the houseguests faced off for the Head of Household. Competing in teams, Christian Birkenberger placed the last piece on the surfboard puzzle, awarding the Kings much-needed safety for the week and the HOH crown for himself.

Before he could make his nominations, one member for the three teams at risk competed for safety in the Wildcard Competition. Whitney Williams (Aces), Azah Awasum (Jokers), and Claire Rehfuss (Queens) battled it out in the Olive Shook Up, a challenge that required them to guide an olive on a martini-shaped rail into a basket.

Claire came out on top and had to decide between giving her team immunity for a week or taking safety for herself until the jury phase.

The Queens’ captain chose the latter as the Kings already protected her team through their Royal Flush alliance. Additionally, her name has been mentioned as a potential target.

Christian Birkenberger nominated Whitney Williams and Hannah Chaddha for eviction

After the HOH competition, the Kings gathered, and Sarah Beth Steagall expressed she thought they should go after Hannah Chaddha instead of the new house target, Whitney Williams.

According to SB, she believed the Aces’ teammate intentionally downplays her smartness, and Alyssa Lopez noted Whitney would remain a target for others to go after instead of them.

Following the Wildcard Competition, the team met with the Queens, where Sarah Beth again pushed for Hannah as the target. However, Kyland Young, Tiffany Mitchell, and Xavier Prather attempted to direct the conversation away as they wanted to protect Hannah, a fellow Cookout ally.

The Jokers also noted they intended to go after Whitney as well. Therefore, Alyssa continued to urge Hannah as the target, believing others wouldn’t target him over Whitney. The HOH agreed and nominated Hannah and Whitney.

The target is Hannah but can the Cookout save her?

Most of the house believes Whitney is the target as several houseguests have expressed their intention to target her following Brent. However, the Kings hope to flip the votes and send Hannah packing with the help of the Royal Flush.

While this plan would work, they aren’t aware of the Cookout, which includes Derek Frazier, Azah, and Royal Flush members Kyland, Tiffany, and Xavier. Additionally, Hannah has a final two with Derek Xiao, who would likely vote to keep her over other Aces’ teammate and his captain, Whitney.


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If her allies stand by her, she would barely survive eviction in a 6-4 vote with Alyssa, Sarah Beth, Claire, and Britni on the wrong side of the votes. On the other hand, if Derek X. decides to stay loyal to the Royal Flush, Christian would have to break the tie.

He would presumably eliminate Hannah, even though his target is Whitney. Will the Power of Veto change his plans? Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.