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Big Brother 23 started with one houseguest playing very hard. That would be Brandon “Frenchie” French, and he might be evicted for it. But this is why some fans don’t want to see him go. 

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers for the Big Brother 23 episode that aired on July 18!]

Frenchie’s game is in danger on ‘Big Brother 23’

Frenchie had a strong start this season by winning the first Head of Household competition with his team, Team Jokers (Azah Awasum, Derek Frazier, and Britni D’Angelo). But his game was messy and backfired by the second week.

That’s because he put one of his allies on the block, Kyland Young. He also put Alyssa Lopez on the block and told her it’s because it looked like she’ll be in a showmance with Christian Birkenberger, which she denied. Frenchie later made the Slaughterhouse Alliance and included Christian and Alyssa.

Kyland was taken off the block, and Travis Long replaced him and was evicted. Kyland also became HOH next and decided to put Frenchie and Britni on the block. His target is Frenchie, mostly because the whole house turned against him for going back on his word multiple times and being paranoid.

Why some fans don’t want Frenchie to be evicted yet

The likelihood of someone else getting evicted is low because Frenchie is an easy target. But some fans admitted on Reddit that they hope he doesn’t get evicted yet.

“Man I really hate Frenchie but all the drama he’s started is really funny?? The evil side of me wants him to stay just because he’s so chaotic and he gives me something to talk about but also like….I hate him? Anyone else feel me on this?” one fan admitted. 

“I like that he’s a villain because he’s terrible at the game and not because he’s seeming like a terrible person. We’ve had far too many of the latter in recent seasons. I’m genuinely enjoying this cast as a whole. Fun people who want to play the game and understand that it’s just that,” another user wrote.

“There’s a big risk the game gets pretty boring after this week. Where is the drama going to come from? Everyone remember bb16 after Devin [Shepherd] left?” another fan asked. 

Could Frenchie be saved on ‘Big Brother 23’?

Brandon Frenchie French of 'Big Brother 23' poses in an orange shirt and camo overalls.
Brandon Frenchie French of ‘Big Brother 23’ | Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

‘Big Brother 23’ Fans Noticed Frenchie’s Claim of Not Wanting to Target Minorities Wasn’t Shown

There are a few ways where Frenchie could actually end up staying for another week. The other alliances could decide to do what Frenchie did last week by using the veto and putting a bigger threat on the block. 

This could be tempting for houseguests who are more worried about winning more competitions in the future. But also Frenchie could be used as a shield. The whole house pretty much knows Frenchie can’t be trusted, and keeping him around means you can use him if your own game is in trouble. 

However, it’s still only week 2. An HOH most likely wants to go with the easiest person to evict to avoid making more enemies. So it’s hard to imagine Frenchie will be saved from the block.