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Big Brother 23 has kicked off with the first competition of the season. It might not mean much by the end of the season. But if you look at recent history, it could mean everything. Here is why the first Head of Household (HOH) competition might have predicted the winner of the season.

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers for Big Brother 23 Episode 1!]

The first episode foreshadowed who won the past 2 seasons

Julie Chen, on the set of 'Big Brother'
Julie Chen on the set of ‘Big Brother’ | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

The first competitions have been very important the past couple of seasons. The people who got the upper hand ended up winning.

Jackson Michie won the majority of votes to be Camp Director in Big Brother 21. He was given the power to banish four houseguests and he picked Cliff Hogg III, David Alexander, Jessica Milagros, and Kemi Fakunle. The banished houseguests then had to compete to stay in the house. David lost and was evicted.

Jackson used that upper hand to start a big alliance. That alliance dominated the rest of the season and he won.

The first competition was also very important for Big Brother 22. The cast had to compete in a competition to move to the next round of competing for Head of Household (HOH). Cody Calafiore managed to not only make it to the HOH competition, but he won.

That win also led to him being a magnet for alliances. He made a big alliance that dominated the whole season and he won in the end.

Who won the first competition of ‘Big Brother 23’? 


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Big Brother 23 started similarly to last season. The houseguests entered the house in groups of four, and competed to participate in the HOH competition.

Brandon “Frenchie” French, Whitney Williams, Christian Birkenberger, and Claire Rehfuss won the first round. They all became team captains and drafted their teams.

Everyone then competed in “House of Cards,” the team captain of the team that won would be the first HOH. The team in the last place would become Have-Nots for the week. 

Frenchie’s team was the first to complete the competition making him the first HOH. He was offered a chance to get double (two weeks of safety) or nothing, but he refused. This means if Big Brother 23 plays out like last season Frenchie might win this season. That is if he uses his power to gain a bigger alliance like the previous winners.

Of course, many things could happen that lead to a different winner. But the biggest thing that could stop history from repeating itself is the use of teams. Teams might be a good way to break the cycle of large alliances dominating the whole season. The biggest perk is once a team wins and the captain is HOH, the whole team is safe for the week too. That still means the losing teams could be picked off one by one. Time will tell if Frenchie’s team will manage to keep winning and if he’ll take it all.