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[SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers from Big Brother 23.]

The first Head of Household of Big Brother 23, Frenchie French, confused the house when he went rogue and nominated Kyland Young and Alyssa Lopez. He later claimed he wanted a “big fish” and planned to backdoor Derek Xiao. However, the Power of Veto winner foiled his plans.

Houseguest Austin awards houseguest Steve as the winner of the first Power of Veto competition
Houseguest Austin awards houseguest Steve as the winner of the first Power of Veto competition | Sonja Flemming/CBS/Getty Images

Frenchie nominated Kyland and Alyssa for the first eviction

Quickly after his Jokers’ team won the first Head of Household competition, Brendon “Frenchie” French began trying to align with people and exposed his targets.

He told a few houseguests that he wanted to break the trend of a woman or person of color going home first every season and planned to target the “alpha male” types in the house. Therefore, he intended to go after Brent Champagne but changed his mind due to a deep conversation.

Still targeting “bros,” he briefly shifted toward Christian Birkenberger until he won safety in the Wildcard competition. Frenchie then went after Derek Xiao, considering him a “guys’ guy,” but wanted to pull off a big move and backdoor him.

Therefore, he claimed he wanted to nominate two women but went rogue and put Kyland Young and Alyssa Lopez on the block. According to the Head of Household, his new target is Alyssa because he believed she would get into a showmance with Christian. After pleading her case following her nomination, Frenchie hatched a plan to backdoor Derek X.

Who won the first Power of Veto of the season?

The HOH met with his newly formed Slaughterhouse alliance, including his nominees, Christian, Brent, Derek Frazier, Xavier Prather, and Whitney Williams.

The group conspired on throwing Alyssa the Veto so she could pull herself off the block, and Frenchie would nominate Derek X. instead, believing they had the votes to evict him over Kyland.

The following day, the HOH and his nominees randomly picked the other houseguests who would compete against them for the Power of Veto. They chose Tiffany Mitchell, Travis Long, and Derek X.

Frenchie walked away, calling it the “worst scenario possible” as none of his allies were picked for the Veto. Ultimately, Derek X. won the Power of Veto, guaranteeing his safety. 

How did the winner change Frenchie’s intended target?

Because Frenchie claimed Derek X. made up lies about others and placed them in alliances, many houseguests turned against him, namely Brent. Additionally, his winning foiled the HOH’s grand backdoor plan.

Before the competition, Alyssa spoke with Derek X. about using the Veto on her if he won, promising him safety when she becomes HOH. While he didn’t agree to anything, he heard her out and asked her to wait until after the competition.


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Frenchie and his now-close ally Brent have noted they would rather Kyland exit over Alyssa if nominations stayed the same, but Kyland seems to have the votes.

If Derek X. uses the Veto on Alyssa, it’s currently unclear who Frenchie will put up as a replacement. However, he has previously named “alpha male”-type Travis as a possibility. Big Brother airs on CBS.