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Big Brother 23 houseguest Kyland Young has expressed his desire to compete with solid players at the end and admitted he didn’t see Hannah Chaddha as “worthy” to sit next to him in the final two. She responded to his remarks, calling him out for being “unnecessarily condescending.”

Hannah Chaddha and Kyland Young pose for 'Big Brother 23' cast photo
‘Big Brother 23’ houseguests, Hannah Chaddha and Kyland Young | Cliff Lipson/Getty Images

Hannah Chaddha said Kyland Young was ‘unnecessarily condescending’

Before The Cookout reached the final six, Kyland Young aligned with Tiffany Mitchell and Hannah Chaddha. However, he turned on them when it came time for the group to disband, targeting the ladies first.

According to Kyland, he wanted to sit next to who he perceived as the strong players and didn’t deem them, namely Hannah, “worthy.”

After her eviction, Gold Derby talked to Hannah about Kyland’s comments and why he thought she didn’t deserve to sit next to him at the end. The young houseguest explained she intentionally “downplayed” her intelligence and athleticism as well as opened up about her love for fashion.

Although she did this to prevent becoming a threat, Hannah believes that Kyland was “unnecessarily condescending” about it. She also claims he made comments about her not knowing previous players or the game, which is why he wouldn’t sit next to her. Hannah closed by admitting she found his remarks “insulting,” even though she did want others to underestimate her.

She joined the jury during the second Double Eviction of ‘Big Brother 23’

After the houseguests decided to unanimously send Tiffany out during the first half of the second Double Eviction over her, Hannah found herself immediately on the block again.

Azah Awasum won Head of Household and admitted she would nominate her as she made a deal not to put Kyland up before the Power of Veto. However, Kyland won the POV and blindsided everyone by saving Xavier Prather, wanting to affirm his loyalty.

The move placed Derek “Big D” Frazier next to her on the block, and the guys kept him, claiming he did more for the Cookout than others realized. Although Xavier initially told Hannah he would vote to save her, ultimately, he chose to send her out, not wanting Azah to jeopardize her game by breaking the tie.

Following Hannah’s eviction, she admitted she thought Kyland would join her as the next evicted houseguest.

Kyland might get evicted next

After the double eviction, Xavier won HOH, guaranteeing his spot in the final three. Although he has final two agreements with both Kyland, who just saved him with the Veto and Big D, he prefers his truce with the latter.

Therefore, he nominated Azah, who hasn’t seen the block yet, alongside Kyland, deeming the POV the only thing that mattered that week. Xavier has expressed his desire for Kyland’s eviction, considering him the biggest competition threat standing.


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However, he doesn’t want to renege on their deal and prefers if Big D casts the vote instead. Even though Big D has a close friendship with Azah, he admitted he’s torn with his decision as he’s already made a final three with the guys and a final two with Kyland.

If anyone other than Kyland wins the Veto, he’ll likely follow Hannah to the jury. Big Brother 23 airs on CBS.