‘Big Brother 23’: Hannah Admitted She Once ‘Questioned’ if The Cookout Would Make It to Jury

Big Brother 23’s The Cookout made history by advancing the entire group to the final six. While the alliance pulled off the considerable feat, the journey wasn’t easy as they also had to navigate personality clashes within the group. At one point, Hannah Chaddha admitted she “questioned” if the alliance would make it to the jury phase.

'Big Brother 23' alliance, The Cookout
Finalists from ‘Big Brother 23’ being interviewed. Pictured L-R: Kyland Young, Hannah Chaddha, Derek Frazier, Xavier Prather, Azah Awasum, and Tiffany Mitchell | Francis Specker/CBS/Getty Images

Six players formed The Cookout during the first week of ‘Big Brother 23’

Inspired by Big Brother 21’s Da’Vonne Rogers and Bayleigh Dayton, BB23’s Derek Frazier, Tiffany Mitchell, Xavier Prather, and Azah Awasum promised they wouldn’t target each other.

They soon after added Kyland Young and Hannah Chaddha, as all Black players had the same mission of making history, with one of them winning the series.

Wanting to see the group go as far as it could, Tiffany incorporated a plan requiring the members to publicly team up with an outsider.

Therefore, the Head of Household winners would nominate them together, not another Cookout teammate, allowing the alliance to save their ally. The plan worked, but Hannah recently revealed she wondered if the group would stay make it. 

Hannah Chaddha admitted she questioned if The Cookout would stay together until the jury

The six-person alliance had its issues working together as they had very different gameplays. Tiffany and Derek F. had several personality clashes, and he didn’t like how she approached him and his Jokers.

During Week 5, Tiffany wanted to flip the vote for Christian Birkenberger and only needed Britni D’Angelo to keep him. When she tried to talk to Britni privately, it blew up when Azah and Derek F. also wanted to join in on the conversation. Concerned the tension might ruin their alliance, Hannah talked to Tiffany about it.

She wondered how the group could remain intact and explained The Cookout has a “mission,” unlike any other alliances in prior seasons. Hannah also noted it means so much to her to keep the group together due to the “privilege” and “honor” of having to carry it out for a “greater purpose.”

Hannah quote tweeted a clip of the conversation a few weeks after the finale, writing, “the turbulence of this week made me question whether The Cookout would even make it to jury without imploding.” She continued, “four weeks later, and we accomplished exactly what we set out to do.”

The Cookout became the most successful alliance in franchise history

Following the first Double Eviction, the alliance made history by advancing all of its members to the end of the competition.

Divided between Tiffany and Xavier’s side, the following Head of Household, Kyland Young, sided with the latter by taking a shot at the former.


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After her unanimous eviction, her final two partner Hannah joined her in the jury house shortly later during the second Double Eviction. Xavier then cut his biggest competition remaining, Kyland, leaving him, Azah, and his final two ally Derek F. making up the final three.

The lawyer won the final HOH competition and opted to sit next to Big D. His decision paid off, and Xavier unanimously walked away with the $750,000 cash prize. Watch Big Brother 23 on Paramount+.