‘Big Brother 23’: Kyland Young Previously Explained His Habit of Smelling Tortillas

Down to the final four of Big Brother 23, Xavier Prather claimed he’s starting to notice houseguests’ bad habits, including Kyland Young’s penchant for “deep smelling things.” Before the episode aired, Kyland explained why he sniffs the tortillas before eating them.

Kyland Young poses for 'Big Brother 23' cast photo
‘Big Brother 23’ houseguest, Kyland Young

Kyland Young previously explained the habit of smelling tortillas

Xavier Prather won Head of Household following the second Double Eviction, securing his spot in the final three. During a Diary Room session, he explained he’s starting to notice things he didn’t before, such as Kyland Young’s habit of “deep smelling things.”

The episode then highlights him smelling several items, including tortillas, laundry, floss, bed sheets, shoes, and a pineapple. Kyland previously explained it in a conversation caught on the Live Feeds. In the kitchen, he smelled a tortilla and proclaimed, “smells like soap” before throwing it away.

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Azah Awasum wondered why it smelled that way, and Kyland explained the production crew sanitizes their food before bringing it in. According to him, the soap “seeps through” at times, especially into the outer ones, so he thoroughly smells them to make sure.

Kyland said he has addressed it with the producers and appreciates them keeping the houseguests safe but has bitten into a soapy tortilla or sandwich before, so he likes to check. However, he didn’t provide a reason for why he smells the other items.

He might become the next jury member

Even though Kyland demonstrated his loyalty to Xavier by targeting Tiffany Mitchell, previously his final three and two partner, and pulling him off the block during the Double Eviction, the HOH seemingly wants to go after him next.

Despite his final two with Kyland, Xavier felt more loyal to Derek “Big D” Frazier and proved it by keeping him safe.

Therefore, he nominated Kyland alongside Azah, who had yet to see the block this season. However, Xavier made it a point to note the nominations didn’t matter as the true power laid with the Veto winner.

Not wanting to give Kyland a reason not to vote for him at the end but seeing the importance of getting him out before the final three, Xavier wants to force Big D to make the decision.

Hannah Chaddha recently called him out for being ‘unnecessarily condescending’

At the final six, Kyland aligned with Hannah Chaddah and Tiffany but chose to stand by Xavier, noting he wanted to go to the end with the strongest competitors.

At one point, he said he didn’t deem Hannah “worthy” to sit next to in the final two seats. Following her eviction, she responded to his comments in an interview with Gold Derby. The young houseguest admitted she “downplayed” her intelligence and athleticism, not wanting to come off as a threat.

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However, she believes Kyland was “unnecessarily condescending” about it and made comments about her not knowing former BB players. Even though Hannah wanted others to underestimate, she stated she still found his remarks “insulting.”

Additionally, she felt he played the game selfishly when others put The Cookout first. Therefore, she doesn’t think he would represent the season if he won and wouldn’t mind seeing him join her in the jury house next. Big Brother 23 airs on CBS.